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Top 5 best Roblox tycoon games

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Top 5 best Roblox tycoon games

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Roblox is known as being a massive, multiplayer, online game that is child-friendly - allowing kids to go into worlds to explore different environments and play different games. One of the most popular genres within the Roblox world is tycoons. There are plenty of different Roblox tycoon games to play, from owning your own hospitals to running various businesses, there are lots of options for you.

In Roblox, tycoon games often come in two categories. You have tycoon games that are more traditional to the games industry, and then idle tycoons. Idle tycoon games often have a bunch of buttons that you will find yourself just running around, slowly building up your area in an attempt to have the most money possible. It’s not a hard thing to do. However, there is a lot of time spent waiting around for money to come in before you can build up the next area. These types of tycoon games in Roblox also have a lot of premium purchases, which are targeted at taking the waiting time out of the game.

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Other tycoon games have you actually managing the place, doing lots of little tasks, and building up your world by hand, instead of waiting around for your money to tick in. I find these to be more fun, for me personally, but understand the appeal of both types of games. Sometimes a little idle tycoon can be perfect for taking up a bunch of your time, as long as you move around enough to not get kicked by Roblox!

Without any further waffling, let’s get into the best Roblox tycoons currently on the platform.

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Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a more complex tycoon game than others that you will find on Roblox. Instead of having the button system, you will find yourself with a blank lot, where you can build up your area by purchasing upgrades that automatically make the building bigger or add more floors. You can choose different chairs and furniture for your restaurant, to ensure that you are able to have more customers. You will need to hire staff to wait tables or cook, who will slowly level up, over time, getting faster and more efficient.

Along with managing your place, you can also jump behind the grill and start cooking orders, taking part in little mini-games that have you clicking or waiting around for stuff to be cooked before you can serve it. This will slowly level you up, then you can learn more recipes that are used to customize your own menu, ensuring you have more items to attract different people. It’s a really well-thought-out tycoon game that gives so many options to the gameplay. Unlike other games in this genre on Roblox, there never feels like there is nothing for you to do while you wait on money to come in - you could easily start running your restaurant, much faster than those working there.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a really fun tycoon game that’s well worth playing, especially if you enjoy cooking and management games too.

Mega Mansion Tycoon

Mega Mansion Tycoon is a game about building the biggest mansion. You will be getting a set amount of money every second based on how big your home is. As you grow your home, you will get more money, but items will be more expensive. You do not have much control over your mansion - you can’t pick the colours or type of couch or number of windows, but what you are slowly building up becomes something big and impressive to the other players on the map.

If you are playing in multiplayer mode, you will be able to see how far along all of the other players are on the map and explore their mansions. There is a leaderboard in each server based on the amount of money a player has - not the size of their home - which is an interesting choice as you can actually be at the top of the board without building. Much like other tycoon games on the server, you will be running over lots of buttons. Mega Mansion Tycoon doesn’t have loads of premium purchases that you will accidentally hit and instead leaves them in a section at the front of your yard, which is a very considerate thing to do.

If you want to see a giant house build-up, purchase a car and drive around, and get paid for doing nothing - then Mega Mansion Tycoon is for you.

Build a Market Tycoon

Build a Market Tycoon is a hectic tycoon game, where you start off with nothing but need to create an entire market, produce, and slowly build up your stock. You will be running around from place to place, trying to keep your food stocked, animals fed, customers cashed out, and money collected. It’s a lot of work! Thankfully, over time, you can hire workers for a one-time fee, upgrade how much you can carry, and improve your worker’s ability to work. It becomes a game of managing what you want to upgrade when.

As there is so much to stock, you will end up with an entire garden of food and areas of different animals, which often need feeding or tending to. Your store will hold a limited number in each area, which you then need to keep stocked up. There is never a dull moment in this game, as you are required to rush about and quickly keep things filled. In public servers, all of your NPC shoppers are actually other people on the server, which is quite cute to see. Nobody gets mad for waiting for a long time, and you can end up waiting around or exploring areas if you want.

Hospital Tycoon

Hospital Tycoon is one of the Roblox Tycoon games that have you running over lots of buttons. You will need to run your own hospital, which, for some reason, starts with boxing up medication for other hospitals to use. This will give you some base income, which you can collect to build up things like walls, various other machines you will need, and hiring workers. Luckily, workers only cost a one-time fee, so you do not need to manage money and keep them paid.

As you run around the hospital, you will find many other buttons that you can walk over, some being premium purchases. This Hospital Tycoon really does have a lot of premium purchases; double money for a limited amount of time, extra workers that work more efficiently, more money right now, auto collection of money - it’s just a lot to see popping up all the time and becomes pretty tempting.

The entire goal of the game is just to build up your hospital as fast as possible and collect the most money. This can be done in a server full of other people, or on your own. Though be warned, for whatever reason there are swords, and you can kill other players on the map (or if you let them into your hospital, they can attack you.)

Retail Tycoon 2

Retail Tycoon 2 is another complex tycoon game, where you are trying to build up a shop from nothing. This game gives you far more control than others, with a Sims-like building system, where you can place various different bits of furniture that you need to create your shop. To get items for your shop, you need to actually drive around the town and pick them up from the depo, before bringing them back and loading up your shop, and then selling to customers.

It’s the only Roblox tycoon game on this list that requires you to explore the map, going to different areas and passing by other rival shops that are around, seeing how big and grand they are. There are a lot of different menus to explore, upgrades, people to hire, and things to do in Retail Tycoon 2, but especially at the start, this game will also keep you really busy as you try to run your own business!

These are the best tycoon games on Roblox! Let us know if you run across another interesting title that's not already on the list and we will take a look at it. Of course, you might be interested to know which are the best-looking Roblox games in 2022 as well.

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