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World of Stands tier list - Cast of Bizarre characters

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World of Stands tier list - Cast of Bizarre characters

Fans of the game will know that it's not easy to determine which stands are worth the effort. The World of Stands tier list compares all of the Stands so you can pick your favourite.

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Updated on May 12th, 2024

Yet another Roblox game inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is here. World of Stands lets players collect different Stands by exploring its open world and engaging in PvP battles. The primary goal is to collect the strongest Stands. This will help you build the fiercest party and climb the leaderboard. That’s where our World of Stands tier list comes in. Read along as we rank all the Stands currently available in the game.

But first, here’s a quick explanation of what each tier represents:

  • S Tier: OP Stands
  • A Tier: The next best things. Great for specific roles
  • B Tier: Early game MVPs
  • C Tier: Weakest Stands in the game

Stands in tiers S and A are the ones you want in your inventory for the long haul. S-tier ones should be the focal point to build your party around while A-tier Stands make the best party members.

The B and C tier Stands are pretty easy to get your hands on. Some of them will drop simply by completing certain in-game missions. As you start playing the game, these are the Stands you’ll have to make do with for the first few quests. However, you don’t want to invest too much in them because their moveset isn’t enough for the tougher quests.

Okay, to stray a bit from the topic, if you love anime games from Roblox, we have a One Fruit tier list and a tier list for Anime World Tower Defense that you can use as well. Of course, there are others, just look them up!

Now, let’s jump right into our World of Stands tier list.

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S Tier

King of Crimson moving quickly
  • Star Platinum
  • Killer Queen
  • King Crimson

All three Stands in the top tier of our World of Stands tier list are of the Legendary rarity. However, this does not mean the in-game classification by rarity is a good indication of the Stands’ overall performance. These three are just too good at what they do, hence it's the S tier for them.

Star Platinum, the Stand of Jotaro Kujo, is one of the best close-range damage dealers right now. Its versatile skillset and Rage Mode are superb for PvP battles and PvE grind. Star Platinum is the Stand for you if you like ragdolling your enemies.

You’re pretty dangerous if you can cause anything to explode just by touching it. That’s exactly what Killer Queen does. Being a Legendary, Killer Queen has a devastating Finisher that rolls up your enemy, grinds them, and ends with a huge explosion. Oh, and Killer Queen can also cause light ragdolling. It’s not as fun as Star Platinum’s, though.

King Crimson is quick, bloodthirsty, and scary! With the ability to generate a clone and erase 10 seconds of time, you can dish out some serious damage to the enemies while completely disregarding their attacks. New players won’t even know what hit them. And when used right, you can trick veterans too.

A Tier

Silver Chariot standing on the docks shooting a beam
  • Silver Chariot
  • Weather Report
  • The World

Our A-tier is a mix of Legendary and Rare Stands. I think the Rare Stands in tier A (Silver Chariot and Weather Report) perform better than the Legendary ones (The World and Gold Experience). But that’s just my opinion.

Weather Report is one of the few Stands in the game with equally impressive attack and defense skills, thanks to its speed and near-complete control over the weather. However, it is a precise and technical Stand that requires a lot of skill to master. The same applies to Silver Chariot too. It’s difficult to play with. At the same time, it’s one of the quickest Stands in the game that offers better range and high damage output.

With extraordinary strength and the ability to stop time, The World is a Stand worthy of the S tier. However, almost every move of this Stands is counter-able. That's why it drops down to the A tier. Players who like precision on their ranged attacks will love The World.

B Tier

World of Stands character lighting up in the middle of the city
  • The Hand
  • Echoes
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Magician’s Red

This is where some of you might disagree with our World of Stands tier list- two Common Stands appear in the B tier while some Rare Stands are nowhere to be seen. But, we stand by our rankings.

The Hand and Echoes are both Common Stands that perform better than some Rare Stands. Both of these are easy to control, making them the perfect choice for beginners. Plus, their skillset is good enough to stay relevant for a long time. But don’t expect to beat the Legendaries with these.

Sticky Fingers is one of 4 OG Stands. It is relatively weaker but still performs better than the likes of Anubis, especially in PvP. But don’t be fooled by nostalgia or you’ll get smashed by the World of Stands dolphins and whales. Magician’s Red and its firepower is not what you’d expect. Its attacks are average at best. You can land some good combos but you’d have to work very hard to do so. Magician’s Red doesn’t have the most precise moves. On top of that, it’s a slow stand. You’ll suffer a lot when you invite some unwanted attention due to its flashy/fiery moves.

C Tier

Two characters from World of Stands completely dressed in gold outfits
  • Anubis
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper

C tier, with some more controversy, finally closes our World of Stands tier list.

Red Hot Chili Pepper is a fan-favourite Stand however it’s more extravagant than it is effective. The power of lightning works well in close encounters but lacks the shock value in long-range combat. Anubis might just be the worst Stand in the game right now. It has low damage output, there’s little to no precision in its attacks, and the blocking isn’t great either. Moreover, it’s an absolute nightmare to use for beginners.

This is still a relatively new game and we’ll surely see more Stands come (and go!) in future updates. That’s why our World of Stands tier list is far from definitive. As new Stands come and old ones get nerfed/buffed, this list will be updated accordingly.

Until then, have fun and make sure to get your goodies by redeeming the latest World of Stands codes.

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