Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 6 - Submeria, The Great Lagoon, Thunderstones, and more

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 6 - Submeria, The Great Lagoon, Thunderstones, and more

Our Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm walkthrough gets more intense with every part

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We're back at it once again, and making our way all the way through Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, and let me tell you, it never gets any easier.

We're making our way through a bunch more content today, and the puzzling-outdoor nature of this game is giving me Skyward Sword flashbacks. But that's not bad thing.

In this walkthrough we are returning to White City, piloting an airship for the first time, making our way to Submeria, meeting the Gillfolk in their village, shutting down Thunderstones to open the way to Ootheca, and entering the Palace of Insight.

That's a lot of information to cover in just one guide, so let's get on with it already… Oh, and make sure to check out our past and future guides for the solutions to any of the puzzles you're stuck on!

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Returning to White City

  • Now that you're all done with the Firebird and the Emblem is secure, it's time to return to White City, and Irontalon will give you the key you need to open up the gate
  • Just follow the path you're standing on and use the key on the lock on the side of the small rock pillar
  • The road ahead is long, but keep following the path and the yellow marker and you'll reach your goal
  • If you come to a river blocking your path, follow it to find a railroad bridge, and follow the tracks to the city
  • Once you get back to White City Trin will be called away, it's time to retire back to the tavern and rest in bed
  • At this point you're encouraged to explore the city of nearby lands - two good spots are the Observatory you will have passed by on the train tracks, and the Knight's Order, which is located in a tower you passed by near the entrance - if you want to focus on the main story, head back to the tavern and Master Mayfair's room to find the group
  • Once you've rested up, it's time to head to Submeria

Submeria, The Great Lagoon

  • The time has come to head to Submeria, so follow that yellow marker to the airport while Trin tells you about the Oceanhorn
  • You are no flying an airship! This is actually pretty simple, you'll just need to adjust your camera and point it where you're going - much easier than Microsoft Flight Simulator…
  • Once you arrive in Submeria chat to your new friend Princess Fin, and she'll say that the light is out
  • Unfortunately you'll need clearance from Fin's people, so it's back on the airship
  • Submeria is a big new area, and there's lots to discover - follow the yellow marker and path to find the village, or explore to get experience and clear challenges
  • If you follow the path and look the right just after jumping over a few cliffs, you'll notice a fast-travel beacon covered in rocks - you can blow them off with bombs
  • You'll need to find the golden ball to open it though, which according to the book nearby, is located underneath a skull shaped rock
  • If you retrace your steps a little you'll find the skull-shaped rock, it's practically facing the entrance to the beacon, just at the bottom of a cliff wall

Entering the Gillfolk Grotto

  • Next to the fast travel beacon is a cove and a grotto inside - to get inside you can shoot the pots on the pillars, as one of them will let you in (hint: it's on the right side when facing the gate) make sure to use normal bullets!
  • Deep inside the cave you'll find the village, and as always, you're free to explore and stock up on resources if you wish, and then follow the yellow marker and chat to the Gillfolk to continue
  • Now we know that Ootheca is closed because it is hiding a giant demon turtle, and to get inside we have to shut off several thunderstones - let's get back outside

Shutting down the Thunderstones - Thunderstone I

  • You just need to follow the yellow marker to find your first target - and you'll need to go the long way around the cliffs - but just because you're friends with the Gillfolk in general doesn't mean they want you here, so watch for Gillfolk soldiers who want a fight
  • Even though the Thunderstone is positioned like a boss and given a big health bar, it doesn't mean it's actually all that threatening
  • The Thunderstone will send out little gem "drones" which shoot lightning at you, watch out for that - luckily there's plenty of grass nearby to use to heal
  • You just need to shoot these little drones as they spawn with normal bullets - Trin's long-range attack will be amazing for this, and she'll do most of the job by herself
  • Once you've defeated enough of them, the Thunderstone is destroyed

Entering the Palace of Insight - Thunderstone II part 1

  • The next Thunderstone is a distance away, so head back to the Great Lagoon
  • As you head back to the main area an airship will fly over and drop down several grapple points, once you get back to the raised area from before these grapple points will be available, allowing you to cleanly grapple from point to point over to a stone icon on a rock - much faster than walking
  • We know we can't swim far, but the ice icon on the relief and the telescope pointing out to a nearby island should draw your attention - there's a grapple point out there
  • Head to the end of the dock and use your ice shot on the water to make a path until you can reach the grapple point - you can grapple from the water, so you should only need two good shots to make it
  • From here you want to use the same strategy again to get the island in the distance, where your yellow marker is - there's another grapple point there, and luckily the current will carry your ice floe a fair bit of the way
  • This building is the Palace of Insight, and on the top floor you'll find the Thunderstone
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