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World of Warships: Legends tips and hints

World of Warships: Legends tips and hints

The theatre of war is a dangerous place but you can increase your chances of survival with these hints and tips for World of Warships: Legends

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World of Warships: Legends is a massively multiplayer online role-playing title that pits you against other real-world players in explosive action-packed naval battles.

As the commander of thousands of pounds of destructive steel, your aim is to outmanoeuvre your enemies and pummel their vessels with a variety of guns and torpedos until they're lying at the bottom of the drink.

There are plenty of different battleships to choose from in World of Warships: Legends - all of which can be upgraded to increase their varied attributes as you pulverise your rivals and gain experience points.

Now, we're aware that jumping behind the wheel of a hostile gunship and heading out onto the waters to find yourself a scrap sounds like a daunting escapade, but fear not: Pocket Gamer is here to help once again.

Follow these three tips and your name will forever be remembered alongside other seafaring greats like Davy Jones, Sinbad and Captain Birdseye. Well, maybe not that last one.


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Tip #1 - Learn the pros and cons of each battleship

a screenshot showing some of the various battleship traits in world of warships legends

World of Warships: Legends is chocked full to the brim with vessels from some of the world's biggest and baddest superpowers.

Battleships come in various shapes and sizes and all have unique attributes and traits.

The Chikuma, for example, has a below-average movement speed but is outfitted with guns that are capable of doling out above-average shell damage. Then there's the Tenryu, which is a much faster ship, but is susceptible to increased damage from incoming rounds.

It's incredibly important that you learn the advantages and disadvantages of each of your available ships and choose one that matches your preferred style of play.

If you favour methodical movement and overpowering opponents with superior firepower, you don't want to head into a battle at the helm of a nifty but lightly-armoured vessel or you run the risk of permanently sleeping with the fishes.

Make sure you head to port every time you gain access to a new warship to check out its attributes.

Tip #2 - Hone your skills against AI opponents

a post-battle screen showing the rewards earned from battle in world of warships legends

If you fire up World of Warships: Legends and head straight into a clash against other budding skippers from around the globe, the chances are it won't be long before your brand-new shiny battleship becomes an ocean floor attraction.

We recommend ditching real-world players at first and instead focusing on AI-controlled opponents that are far more forgiving and will allow you more time to get to grips with your ship and naval warfare as a whole.

In fact, skirmishes against AI baddies are incredibly useful even if you class yourself as more of a seasoned player. They're the perfect playground for test-driving new battleships, analysing new upgrades and experimenting with different weapons in different situations.

The great master of martial arts, Bruce Lee, once said that practice makes perfect. We highly doubt he was thinking about naval warfare as those words left his lips, but that doesn't mean you should ignore him.

Get to it, sailor.

Tip #3 - Head to port to upgrade your vessel

a shot of the upgrade screen showing a possible enhancement in world of warships legends

In the heat of a fierce battle, even the smallest advantage can mean the difference between success and failure, which makes upgrading your ship as frequently as you're allowed enormously important.

Every time you defeat an opponent and make it to the end of a battle in World of Warships: Legends, you'll earn experience points, which - when you've gained enough - will unlock upgrade slots on the vessel you've been using.

You'll still need to purchase the upgrades to fill said slots with Captain Jack's favourite currency, doubloons, which are also earned by banishing foes to the depths of the deep blue sea.

Upgrades can boost a variety of your ship's attributes, such as the firing range of its guns and - among other things - its overall durability and speed. It goes without saying just how much these can affect the outcome of a battle.

You can perform upgrades between conflicts while your ship is docked at port.

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