Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 9 - Source, Well House, High Philosopher's House, Escaping Prison, Prototype Spiderbot

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 9 - Source, Well House, High Philosopher's House, Escaping Prison, Prototype Spiderbot

More Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm solutions than you can shake a stick at in part 9 of our full walkthrough

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Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is really heating up in this part of our complete walkthrough - we were originally tasked with taking the Emblem of the Sun to the North, but thing went awry quickly.

In this guide we'll be covering heading to the Source, exploring the Ghost Town, a guide to the High Philosopher's House, an amazing prison escape, and a skilful dispatching of a brutal miniboss, the Prototype Spiderbot.

We're slowly moving towards the climax of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm now, and if you've been sticking with us this far, let us know in the comments below!

If the solutions you're looking for aren't in this guide, make sure to take a look at our previous and future guides to find everything you need to know.

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Heading to the North with the Emblem of the Sun

  • Once everything has calmed down you'll find yourself back in White City talking to Archimedes, he'll stress the importance of heading to the Source in the North, and so that's our target
  • First, head inside the Palace Interior, you'll be given the Emblem of the Sun to take to the North, and also get a key to open up the path forward
  • Once you have those tools, head towards the east gate as you hear Archimedes spout some questionable nonsense
  • Even though you can now use the airship, you'll be better off walking to the north gate than trying to find a place to land close by
  • Just stick to the north mountain and hug it as you move to the west, and you'll find the staircase into the mountains towards the Source

Ghost Town - Source, Well House

  • Getting to the source in the snowy mountains isn't too bad to start off with, there may be snow blocking the way, but there's a fairly linear path to follow around
  • You'll come to a small village at the foot of a hill - some of the houses are covered in snow, but you can still make your way inside through the chimney
  • You can't get into the High Philosopher's House without the key, and the key is inside the well house
  • Where's the well house? Well actually the entrance is under the lake - use the diving helmet to go down and get the key, and then unlock the High Philosopher's house

High Philosopher's House

  • Start off by standing on the icon in the centre of the room and shooting the two unlit firepits in the corners
  • If you go into the room right from the entrance you'll find a kitchen, and a third fire pit hidden behind some barrels in the corner
  • A fourth fire pit is in the alcove above the chest in the main room - go inside and bomb the weak wall to find a firepit inside, which when lit, will give you the chest in the main room
  • Go back upstairs into the alcove, and head through the long path to find yourself in the bedroom
  • Once the cutscene is done, climb out the window
  • Once outside, get back to following the yellow marker, and you'll find three stone pillars, and another cutscene - story-heavy now, ain't it?

Escaping prison

  • After the cutscene you'll find yourself and Trin imprisoned - it's time to break out
  • Grab a barrel, and rub up against the burning torch, and then the wooden planks on the wall to reveal a crawlspace
  • Keep moving through crawlspaces until you find a shield, and then go back one and climb the ladder
  • Run through the passage and you'll find yourself in a cell with a boulder - use the shield to push the boulder and jump down the hole it was blocking
  • Keep moving through the crawlspace - take a path to your left for a chest
  • Once out of the crawlspace run into the building in the centre of the room, and then climb the ladders inside, you'll have to do some platforming across boxes and then climbing up a fence at the end
  • Over that fence you'll find a room full of spiderbots - sprint up the ramp to your right and then use the shield to push the boulder back down the ramp, crushing the spiderbots that chase you
  • In the chest you'll find Trin's dagger, which you can use as a throwable to hit the two switches on the pillars in the centre of the room, which will open the gate behind you
  • Go through the long, linear path, and kill any enemies you find with the dagger - you'll come to a chasm, and you'll need to climb the boxes on the right to higher platforms to get over
  • Once up, use the vines on the wall to cross - once across you can easily hop over to the chest on the other wall, and then make our exit

Prototype Spiderbot - Miniboss

  • Well damn, this castle looks a lot like Anor Londo in this light - after a big cutscene, keep moving along the path
  • Jump into the room below and you'll find that it's time for a classic miniboss
  • The first thing you should do is use the ladder to climb onto the platform in the middle of the room and use Trin's dagger to throw and hit the switch which will be behind you after you climb up, this will drop explosives from the ceiling - these will help a lot
  • You will need a lot of explosives to kill the Prototype Spiderbot, and you'll need to lure the spider into each, and then detonate it with Trin's dagger
  • You can also push the explosives with your shield, like a boulder, if you want to reposition them, just be careful not to get hit, and don't hit them directly otherwise they will kill you
  • If you're cautious, you'll get this battle just fine, and be rewarded with the Inquisitor's Key, allowing you to open the chest and get the grapple hook back
  • Once you have it, grapple up the higher level and step on the switch to open up the massive gate
  • Head down the long corridor and through to face the next big challenge
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