Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 10 FINAL - Riskbourne Citadel, Saving Trin, Reclaiming Gear, Beating Mesmeroth, Final Boss

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 10 FINAL - Riskbourne Citadel, Saving Trin, Reclaiming Gear, Beating Mesmeroth, Final Boss

This is our final Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm walkthrough, and we're happy to be here

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Our Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm walkthrough is finally, finally nearing the end, as in part 10 of our walkthrough we will be finishing off the final enemies in Oceanhorn 2, and watching those credits roll at long last.

Here we're going to finish off our exploration of Riskbourne Castle, rescue Trin, have a battle with Mesmeroth after getting all of our equipment back, head back to White City, watch the place basically get destroyed, drive another slick hoverbike mission, and then take down a big mechanical beast, the Oceanhorn.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't come to a satisfying conclusion - gotta wait til the sequel apparently - but this is the last of our Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm story walkthroughs, and with this, you are guaranteed to win.

Just read on for our final instructions on how to finish Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, and of course if you can't find the information you were looking for here, just take a look at our other guides below…

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Moving through the castle and finding Trin, getting bombs back

  • After the Spiderbot Prototype, keep moving through the castle, using your grapple hook to get across large gaps
  • Eventually you'll find a ruined room with a laser in the middle - you don't want to get hit by it
  • To the right side of the room there's multiple cacti on the wall - you don't have your caster, so just grab a barrel, rub it against a torch, and throw it at the cacti to burn it
  • To the left side of the room there's a switch next to a grapple point - grapple up and hit the switch
  • This will raise multiple stone blocks in the room, go back to where you burnt the cacti, grapple up, and use the raised blocks as a path to flip the other switch
  • Once the gate is open head inside the tower and use your grapple to move upwards
  • You'll need to get up to the top floor to flip a switch and open the gate on the middle-floor of this tower
  • Keep going forward and defeating any enemies you come across, and take the right path, looking for areas where you can use blocks to climb over walls
  • Eventually you'll come to a tower prison where you'll find Trin, and find out the evil villain's plan to destroy the White City

Getting the last of your gear, getting the Diving Helmet back

  • Trin returns your sword to you, and you'll find a bunch of bombs in the chest, blow up the wall in the room, and then use your grapple hook to make your way through the air
  • Once you land, climb down the ladders, fight the spiderbots, and grapple once again
  • Once you are on solid ground and climb the vines on the wall, you'll find yourself back near the laser room, but with the bombs you need to blow the nearby walls away, so do that
  • Finally you'll have your caster gun back, allowing us to shoot spells once again
  • Walk through the door to your left, stand on the switch, and shoot the target switch to continue
  • Run down the ramparts and eventually you'll come across a manhole cover you can enter to get inside the castle once again
  • Head down and bomb the rocks on the bottom floor
  • Head down through there too to find a room with a lightning node puzzle - use the grapple hook to jump on the ledge at the back of the room, and you'll be able to connect the nodes with your lightning shot from here
  • In the next room jump on the platform in the centre of the room to go upwards, and keep climbing up to get back up to the roof
  • Once outside you'll see an ice icon and one of those blowerfish - shoot him with the ice shot, hop over, and you'll get the Diving Helmet from the chest
  • Once you have the helmet dive into the water and go through the series of claustrophobic tunnels until you emerge on the other side - follow the linear path to find the Riskbourne Citadel Main Hall

Riskbourne Citadel Main Hall, stopping Mesmeroth

  • You can sit on the big throne, or you can just keep heading behind it and down the rampart to find Mesmeroth and finally have a showdown
  • Well, I say a showdown, it's more like a lore dump, and everything gets a little bit Xenoblade Chronicles for some reason
  • Once the rattling on about destiny is done, it's time to fight

Boss: Mesmeroth

  • Okay, so we're finally facing off against Mesmeroth, though it doesn't seem like this'll be all that simple and straightforward
  • He starts off as a pretty standard enemy, you can just hit him with your sword to do damage, which makes a nice change, though watch out as he'll take off a lot of your health with a single swing of his weapon
  • Once he grows tired of fighting you head-to-head he'll teleport up above, and then just shoot down magic spells - avoid them or hide behind the pillar at the back
  • Once good tactic is to simply hide behind the pillars as he's shooting, and then when he appears before you throw a bomb at his feet and use a standard bullet shot to his face to slow him, so he has to take the bomb damage
  • Repeat this strategy, and you'll defeat Mesmeroth with surprising ease
  • Oh, but it's Mesmeroth's shadow, or spirit, or apparition, or whatever - lame!
  • He escapes, and leaves you and Trin to figure out the next step

The destruction of White City

  • Once you arrive back in the White City use the elevator in front of you and head to the palace to meet with Archimedes
  • Archimedes isn't here, but we can't wait - head to the docks to board a robotic beast once you're ready
  • After you head to sea you'll meet The Great Chronicler - yes, this game is getting weird
  • It is time for a lot of cutscenes and a lot of weird storytelling, but just bare with it
  • Once it's all over you'll be just outside of the town, and yes, it's a hoverbike section - about time they brought this back
  • Just avoid the red lasers and keep driving towards the White City
  • And finally, it's time for a boss…

Boss: Oceanhorn

  • The big mechanical monster you were riding before is now your enemy, and it's time to take it down
  • The Oceanhorn is really, really frustrating, because you can get stuck underneath it, and it deals out huge damage
  • You can use the grapple hook to quickly avoid the Oceanhorn when it starts shooting rockets and lasers at you
  • You can't hurt it without revealing a weakspot - small dimensional rifts will open above the Oceanhorn, shoot one of these to have it expand and absorb the Oceanhorn
  • This will reveal weak points, and you can shoot, slash, and have Trin swing her dagger in order to take them all out until it is defeated
  • This is a tough fight, but stay mobile and you'll win, stay in a single place and you'll get owned
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