Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 8 - Ootheca Dungeon, Demon Turtle Yurmala Boss, Invasion of Great Lagoon and more

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 8 - Ootheca Dungeon, Demon Turtle Yurmala Boss, Invasion of Great Lagoon and more

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is the game that keeps on giving, and the story is going off...

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There ain't no walkthrough like an Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Pocket Gamer walkthrough because an Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Pocket Gamer walkthrough don't stop.

Yes we're continuing, and in this installment of our walkthrough epic there are plot twists and turns after we finish off the legendary dungeon, Ootheca, defeat the demon turtle Yurmala, and fight off an invading legion which threatens the Great Lagoon.

All that and more just below in part 8 of our walkthrough, but of course you should make sure to stay updated with all of our previous and future walkthroughs, which you will find below…

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Solving the dungeon, Ootheca

  • We're finally inside Ootheca - the next big dungeon of the game, so let's solve it
  • Start by jumping out of the water onto the platform and then follow the rock formation up to a water level change switch, this'll have you swimming again, so get onto the walkway
  • Once you climb the walkway you'll be shown where to flip the switch to meet with Gen and Trin, head on through the gate
  • Now that they're back with you, head back inside and head back to the walkway
  • There are vines on the wall that you can't reach from the water - shoot an ice shot at the base of the vines so you can climb onto the ice and up
  • In this next room there are three button switches to press - get Gen and Trin to help you press them down, then you can get around to the unlocked gate by crawling under the pipes near the entrance
  • Now that you have a key, return to the walkway in the main room and unlock the door

First golden ball

  • First, let's go up the pipe-ladder to our right, and once in the next room, shoot the target on your right
  • Jump down and head into the next room, there's another three-man switch puzzle in here
  • Once the puzzle is completed and your path to the golden ball is clear, go back up the pipe ladders, and jump onto the boxes to the left, and then jump on the crates until you can climb the conveyor belt, once up there simply shoot at the golden ball to move it into the main room

Second golden ball

  • Once back in the main room, climb the ladder opposite the pipe ladder you just used, and crawl inside the pipe system
  • You can just crawl through the pipe system and find the golden ball and simply push it out of the pipe and into the main room - handy
  • Now that we're done in here, take the two golden balls you've collected into the next room and place them on the pedestals

Third golden ball

  • Once they're in place, head up the flight of stairs and ready your diving helmet
  • Dive under and swim into the next room, the golden ball will be in plain view, just surface and jump on the switch to lower the water level
  • Now the water level is low you can jump down, carry the ball back through, and then throw it up the ladder and place it on the final pedestal
  • Head up the stairs and things will start getting serious - or, more serious

Yurmala - Demon Turtle boss

  • Right, it's time for a big bad boss, my favourite - just walk into the platform at the centre of the room to get started
  • To get your first few hits in you'll need to head to higher ground - there are three grapple points that'll take you up, so grapple on up there
  • From here you'll clearly be able to see the lightning node that's at the centre of the room, shoot it with your lightning shot and then connect the electricity with the turtle
  • This will topple him, exposing a weak underbelly - go crazy with bullets and bombs to deal damage
  • After this phase is done, he'll start throwing out a lot of homing spells which are quite dangerous, and you'll need to stay mobile and keep grappling to avoid them all
  • Eventually he'll crawl up to you and raise on his hind legs to reach the upper platform, at this point you should connect the electric node to his back again to topple him, and again, unleash hell with your bullets and bombs
  • It shouldn't take more than three downs to deplete his health bar and save the day

Invasion of Great Lagoon

  • Once Yurmala is done, it's time to return to White City again - you'll find yourself outside of the dungeon, simply talk to Master Mayfair and then head over to the airship
  • …At least, it would be that simple, if it weren't for a massive invasion force moving in just as you're about to leave
  • The invading force will be launching laser bombs at you, just keep sprinting and avoiding the beams to move back to the airship
  • After an intense cutscene, you'll find yourself boarding the enemy ship with Master Mayfair, and it's time to assume control

Taking command of the enemy ship

  • Once you on board head over to the yellow marker and head inside the ship
  • Head through the corridor defeating spiderbots as you go, and head through the hatch to the lower level
  • Another simple corridor - head through, find the hatch, jump down
  • One more corridor - keep moving through and head through the door
  • Did I say one more? I meant it never ends - move to the left in this room and shoot the explosives to deal with the crowd of enemies, then move to the right to hit a switch to open the door forward
  • Here's the control room, where we find a foe familiar to Gen and Mayfair - after everything is said and done, we've lost Gen, and we need to make a hasty exit
  • Once exited head to the right, and then down to the left and through a crawl space, then climb the pipe ladder, repeat, and keep moving
  • Once up top return to the airship, and you'll be able to escape, sadly without Gen
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