Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 2 - Saving Trin, Arne Invasion, Hoverbike, and Sernoa Station

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 2 - Saving Trin, Arne Invasion, Hoverbike, and Sernoa Station

We're moving through all of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm in this guide

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We're continuing with our Oceanhorn 2: Knight of the Lost Realm walkthrough here on Pocket Gamer, and things are starting to heat up.

We've already walked you through the tutorial and introduction to the game, including the first boss and early areas, and now that the story is kicking off it's time to get right into things.

This guide will carry you from the latter part of Arne Beacon through to saving the airship pilot in Warden Woods, doing battle with some invaders, a gosh-darned hoverbike section, and getting to Sernoa Station.

If you need help with any of those, makes sure to read below, and if you need something else, take a look at our earlier and future guides:

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Arne Beacon part 2

  • Continuing from our previous guide, you'll find yourself in a room with a lower level filled with water, but don't worry about that right now, just follow the path to find Master Mayfair
  • Master Mayfair will give you his caster - a gun, essentially - as you are now a fully-fledged knight, and ready for adventure
  • Open the chest and follow the stairs upwards to the next room
  • Here, jump into the area next to the stairs, behind the blocks, and place a pot on the switch, which then open up a chest in the main area
  • Once done, stand near the gap in the balcony and aim at the unlit fire pit on the raised platform to the right of the room, and shoot it with your new caster to open the door
  • The next room down a ladder is filled with water, but there is only one bright exit to return you to Arne Village

Saving the airship pilot

  • Once back at Master Mayfair's you'll witness an airship crash, and you must rush to Warden Woods, use the stone stairs behind the house
  • Use your caster to burn away the cactus, and then climb the wall
  • Use the shield to push the boulder away, and then continue to Warden Woods
  • Just follow the path laid out by the logs at first, and feel free to collect treasure and slash plants to get resources along the way
  • Move under the small broken wooden bridge to spot Trin, the pilot, battling monsters
  • Run up and defeat the monsters and talk to Trin
  • Trin will join you, lead her back to Master Mayfair in Arne Village - just follow the marker

Saving Arne Village

  • You get back and suddenly you discover the town is under attack because Trin was followed, time to do battle
  • You can choose where you believe the others will be hiding, I chose to say they'd be near the lighthouse
  • You are encouraged to use stealth, and your protagonist will crouch down when in long grass, but you can also just fight your way through if you prefer
  • There are multiple areas where you can use boxes to climb over fences, or use the long grass to sneak past, but do what is best for you
  • Regardless of where you go, you should use your caster on the cactus near the explosive shed near the entrance to retrieve the bombs from inside
  • Just stick behind houses mostly, it's not too bad if you end up fighting every enemy
  • Head inside the Beachside Cave when you get there, when you move in you'll find most of the villagers are here taking refuge
  • Once Master Mayfair is done talking, he'll give you a key and task you with getting his hoverbike

Getting the hoverbike

  • Once you exit the Beachside Cave you'll be bombarded by enemies - watch your health and use all of your items to get through this battle
  • Keep following the marker, taking out enemies along the way
  • You'll eventually come to a raised bridge - you can order Trin to activate the switch on the other side
  • Move to the right of the bridge after crossing, and the leftmost door can be blown open with one of the bombs you got earlier
  • Inside a shed in this area you'll find the hoverbike

Getting to Sernoa Station

  • Okay, now this is cool, and reminiscent of the snowboarding section of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • You basically just need to keep accelerating along a series of different routes, avoiding lasers and obstacles along the way
  • Luckily there are health pickups, so if you get damaged it's not over
  • There are, however, some obstacles that will cause an instant death if you collide with them - watch out for that
  • Once you get through the cave escape, you'll find yourself in Arne Village Outskirts, follow the yellow marker until you can no longer progress, and then move on foot - climb up the ladder and keep on moving
  • You're heading to Sernoa Station, and you'll have to keep moving on foot - feel free to explore and take your time, though
  • Eventually you'll come to a locked gate, you'll have to go through ruins to the left of the gate
  • When you find a raised level in the ruins, you can either throw a pot at it, or have Trin activate it to continue
  • In the next area with all the Kraktos, you just need to walk up the fallen pillar in the central area and then jump across - you'll see a search area ahead, move towards it
  • Stay close the ruin wall and walk around it, leading to a section of vines where you can climb atop the wall
  • From the top of the wall you should be able to see a chest in the central area, and that will give you the key needed for the door at the yellow marker
  • Move through the Fortress Underpass and continue following that yellow marker
  • Destroy the Thunder Klaktos and take the spiked floor one step at a time, making sure to stop in the clear section in the middle
  • Defeat the enemy in the next room - Trin will be especially good at this, so just order her to fight
  • Next, clear the path at the end of the room with the bombs you've collected
  • Once out of the fortress, you can flip the switch to clear the path from before
  • Finally, you will have reached Sernoa Station
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