Updated February 26, 2019: New entries added

We've talked about the best RPGs on mobile many a time. But there's a distinct sub-genre that deserves its own list: the JRPG.

Japan wasn't where the RPG genre began, but we'd argue that no single country has had as big an influence on the genre. From their distinctive anime-influenced graphics to their larger-than-life characters and overwrought plots, these games have an adventurous spirit all of their own.

There are a whole bunch of great JRPGs on mobile, too. These include a whole bunch of ports, but there are a few originals too.

That point about the ports is important though, because it explains why Square Enix dominates this list. The JRPG powerhouse has gone big on mobile, and has yielded the rewards for that commitment.

We've also been sure to include some none Squenix treats to balance things out, though.