Updated on October 13th, 2021: New entries added, changed the wording

Whether you're talking about films, TV shows, comics or video games, the zombie genre simply will not die. Even with a bullet to the brain. Therefore we decided to enhance the hype and make a list of the best zombie games for Android phones and tablets.

We seem to be morbidly obsessed with shuffling crowds of the undead. And if we can jump in and actively smash some zombie skulls, or flee for our lives from the said rabble, even better.

There are a whole bunch of zombie-themed games on the Google Play Store. And while we've referred to it as the zombie genre, there's really nothing of the sort. Rather, there are a whole bunch of different game genres that have received a zombie theme, from tower defence to first-person shooters to RPGs for Androids.

All these games really share in common is that they feature the undead and that they're really good fun.

If you're hankering for some undead bashing action on your Android device, check these zombie games out.