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Sea of Conquest tier list that ranks all heroes

Sea of Conquest tier list that ranks all heroes

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Updated on November 12th, 2023 - Season 1 - Version 1.1.120

In Sea of Conquest, you take on the evergreen challenge of piracy on the high seas, and what’s a good pirate captain without a crew of equally roguish corsairs to rely upon? Well, nothing - and Funplus knows this, which is why Sea of Conquest lets you recruit from a huge cast of characters to accompany you in your adventures.

These pirates are gained both via the story quests you can complete and by summoning from the raccoon mascot of your crew, Rocky. Naturally, you’re going to want to know who’s worth having and who’s not. This is where we come in. We’ve categorised each pirate on the Sea of Conquest tier list based on their utility, rarity, stats and more.

We won’t be relegating anyone to E or lower tiers yet, and naturally, this is all purely subjective. This is also primarily based on their performance in regular battles, while combat on the high seas is affected purely by those on a ship’s crew as well as that ship’s stats.

So, read on and find out just what characters are worth bringing aboard in Sea of Conquest, and which you should have had walk the plank.

Original article by Iwan Morris. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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S Tier

  • Sharky
  • Griffin
  • Eileen
  • Cordelia
  • Lester
  • Boa
  • Luna
  • Bones
  • Old Ahab
  • Ophelia
Griffin is probably one of the most interesting characters on the Sea of Conquest tier list design-wise - a former stuffy commodore now turned undead menace - and his ability to transform into said undead for a massive attack boost that lasts the duration of the battle is not to be sniffed at. Cordelia’s mass healing - even if we said we weren’t mentioning naval warfare - is also just as adept on the battlefield as it is in combat, and for a game where healing characters are hard to come by early on, she’s a definite boon to have on hand.

You’ll notice these are all high-tier characters, and for good reason, as it seems these high-tier characters typically function as direct upgrades to lower-tier characters. This means you can easily slot them in once you unlock them.

A Tier

  • Will
  • Madame Lulu
  • Lord Kojo
  • Oscar
  • Cursed Ed
Oscar and Cursed Ed both outperform lower-tier characters like Jango by offering additional damage to go with their buffs and debuffs. Will’s Artillery Support functions like a slightly higher-tier version of Henry Hell’s special ability, while Lord Kojo is an excellent assassin-style character for picking out targets. Madame Lulu meanwhile suffers from Cordelia taking her spotlight when it comes to healing abilities, even if hers aren’t bad by any means.

B Tier

  • Henry Hell
  • Ned
  • Mad Dog
  • Zola
Henry Hell will likely be part of your starting lineup for a good while, and is the character you’ll have from the beginning. Henry Hell’s Shootin’ Stars ability can direct damage across numerous targets, and easily knock out those on low health, freeing up your other party members to attack. However, his early-game utility is the only reason why he has this position.

Both Mad Dog and Ned can be good in the right circumstances, but we found their abilities to be somewhat finicky and a little difficult to use to their fullest extent.

C Tier

  • Betty
  • Jango
  • Armstrong
Jango is one of the Captains that you’ll recruit through the story, and despite a jolly personality and role in the overall crew, he doesn’t impress in combat. His buff, Yo Ho!, does offer some utility, especially early on, however. But it pales in comparison to rarer characters who offer buffs and effects that combine with damage. Betty is in a similar situation - while her early game attack that does direct damage is useful for sniping out opponents, she’s quickly passed in terms of utility as you unlock more characters.

And with the last pirates ranking, we are closing off the Sea of Conquest tier list. Since you clearly love ranking characters, here's our Reverse: 1999 tier list, Mortal Kombat Onslaught tier list of the best fighters in the game, and Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list as a bonus for all of you anime fans! Let us know if we miss any new pirates in the comments below.

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Iwan Morris
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