Updated March 9, 2020: New entries added

Try to put the zombie genre down. We dare you. It'll get straight back up and bite you in the neck.

There's just something about the whole shuffling undead thing that evidently proves... infectious.

OK, enough with the zombie puns. All we're trying to say is that zombie games are really popular. Still. People really like games that ask you to pop waves of zombies in the head. They like those that ask you to run away from zombies. They like games that want you to run over zombies in a car.

Why? We have no idea. But as we're rather partial to a good zombie game ourselves, we're not too bothered.

'Zombie games' isn't a genre in itself, of course. Rather it's a theme, which can be stretched across all manner of genres, from tower defence to FPS to roguelike RPG.

Our list covers the lot of them. Is your favourite zombie game missing? Let us know in the comments below.