Apex Legends Mobile Regen guide: Every healing item explained

Here is everything you need to know about regen items in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Regen guide: Every healing item explained

A good Apex Legends Mobile player will know every aspect of the game, including all the regen items. Be it the Medkit, Phoenix Kit, or Shield cell. In our Apex Legends Mobile Regen guide, we'll cover it all and provide complete details about the consumables items alongside tips and tricks.

What are regen items?

Before discussing the regen items, it's important to learn about health first. Each legend in Apex Legends Mobile has 100 health. When you are taking damage and your health reaches zero, you will be knocked down, unsurprisingly. 

Once you have lost all of your health, it can only be restored by using regen (healing) items. Health can also be supplemented with shields. Weapons will always damage a shield before health. However, keep in mind that gas traps and zone damage directly damage health.

Regen items are those items that can be consumed to refill your health as well as shield. Health can be regenerated using items like Syringe or Med Kit while shields can be restored using Shield Cells and Shield Batteries.

Here are the details of all the Regen items available in Apex Legend Mobile

  • Type: Health
  • Time to use: 5 seconds
  • Description: Heals 25 health
Med Kit
  • Type: Health
  • Time to use: 8 seconds
  • Description: Heals 100% of health
Apex Legends Mobile med kit
Shield Cell
  • Type: Shield
  • Time to use: 3 seconds
  • Description: Restores 25 shields
Apex Legends Mobile Shield Cell
Shield Battery
  • Type: Shield
  • Time to use: 5 seconds
  • Description: Restores 100% of shields
Shield battery
Phoenix Kit
  • Type: Combo
  • Time to use: 10 seconds
  • Description: Fully restores both health and shields
Ultimate Accelerant
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Time to use: 7 seconds
  • Description: Restores 20% Ultimate energy
Ultimate Accelerant
Note: Using any of the above consumable items will limit your player movement speed. You will not be able to run, hang off the edge, or slide. However, the usage of regen items can be cancelled anytime.

Apex legends mobile Regen item Tips & tricks

  • You can use Shield Cell in the middle of fights whenever you get 3 seconds. They are fast to use and will give you an advantage over the enemy
  • Keep in mind that using a Shield Battery is faster than using two or more Shield Cells
  • Phoenix Kits take a long time to use. Make sure your area is clear before using this consumable
  • When you are playing with legends like Lifeline, make sure to use as many ultimate accelerants as possible to call in Care Packages more often

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So that is all for our Apex Legends Mobile Regen Guide. We have already published a lot of tips and tricks and guides on the game. Make sure to check them out and stay tuned for more such guides.

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