Apex Legends Mobile: Ultimate and Tactical ability cooldowns

Know your legend's ultimate and tactical ability cooldown timers

Apex Legends Mobile: Ultimate and Tactical ability cooldowns

When it comes to Apex Legends Mobile, it is important to learn about the abilities of the Legends to get good at those characters and learn how to fight against them. Likewise, knowing the ability cooldown timers is the next step to mastering a Legend in Apex legends Mobile. In this post, we have tried to break down everything for you.

Every Legend is unique in Apex Legends Mobile, each of them comes equipped with different sets of skills and cooldowns. For instance, skills like Octane's stim can be spammed like crazy while you will have to wait quite a long time for Lifeline's D.O.C heal drone.

Here is every Legend’s tactical ability cooldown timer details:

Bloodhound Evey of Allfather 25s
Gibraltar Dome of Protection 30s
Lifeline D.O.C. Heal drone 60s
Pathfinder Grapple 30s
Wraith Into the Void 25s
Bangalore Smoke Launcher 33s (holds 2 charges)
Caustic Nox Gas Trap 25s (holds 3 charges)
Mirage Psyche Out 15s
Octane Stim 2s
Revenant Silence 25s
Wattson Perimeter Security 30s (holds 4 charges)
Crypto Surveillance Drone 40s (once destroyed)

Note: Players can decrease the cooldown timer of Tactical ability by 20% by equipping the Gold helmet.

Apex Legends Mobile gold helmet

In every match, you will be using your tactical abilities multiple times in the fights, so it's crucial for the players to have an idea of the cooldown timers to plan out their battles much efficiently.

Here are every legend's ultimate ability cooldown timer details:

Bloodhound Beast of the Hunt 180s
Gibraltar Defensive Bombardment 180s
Lifeline Care Package 360s
Pathfinder Zipline Gun 120s
Wraith Dimensional Rift 210s
Bangalore Rolling Thunder 180s
Caustic Nox Gas Grenade 150s
Mirage Life of the Party 60s
Octane Launch Pad 60s
Revenant Death Totem 180s
Wattson Interception Pylon 180s
Crypto Drone EMP 180s

Note: You can gain an instant 20% change of your ultimate ability by using Ultimate Accelerant. Legends with a higher ultimate ability cooldown timer should use the accelerant. So if you are playing Octane or Mirage and find an accelerant, then it's better to give it to your teammates.

Apex Legends Mobile ultimate and tactical cooldowns

For most legends, you will only use your Ultimate ability a couple of times in the entire match. But using an ultimate ability correctly is what makes the difference between a good team and a bad team.

So that concludes our post on Apex Legends Mobile: Ultimate and Tactical ability cooldowns. If you are new to the game, check out our Octane and Caustic Guide to get your grip on these legends.

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