Apex Legends Mobile launches the new Underworld update with a new Legend, battle pass, and events

Apex Legends Mobile launches the new Underworld update with a new Legend, battle pass, and events

EA has been consistently adding new content to its highly popular battle royale Apex Legends Mobile. With every update, we’ve seen the addition of new and unique Legends, events, and tonnes of improvements. With today’s Underworld update, Apex is yet again releasing a new Legend, a battle pass, and a bunch of events.

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The new Legend coming to Apex Legends Mobile is called Revenant. Similar to Ash, Revenant was once a human. In fact, he was the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever created. But his constant upgrading by the Syndicate and Hammond Robotics left him as a cyborg with more steel and hardly any flesh.

Revenant wasn’t allowed to die but he swore those that did this to him would not live. Even after two centuries, he’s still thirsty for blood as Hammond Robotics has resurfaced in the Outlands.

Battle Pass

Carrying forward the Champions season is the new Underworld battle pass. As always, it comes with very cool-looking weapon cosmetics and skins like the Chimera’s Fire outfit for Ash.


  • Nightmare Begins - Revenant’s introduction brings about a new mode, where Requiem Supply bins have been scattered all over World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. These contain the new seasonal currency called Metal Skulls
  • Airdrop Escalation – Someone seems to have sponsored the Airdrops as they will be dropping at a much higher rate with fully kitted weapons
  • Second Shot – This new BR mode allows for instantly revving teammates at any time. It makes room for excellent plays as you could resuscitate your friend the moment the enemy drops their guard
  • New Year’s Kickoff – With the holiday season coming, festivities will go on until the new year. Players will be able to earn gold, and skins for Legends and guns.

Download the Underworld update now for free on Apex Legends Mobile.

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