Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down for good in the next 90 days

Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down for good in the next 90 days

Respawn and EA have just dropped a massive bombshell on mobile gamers as Apex Legends Mobile will, unfortunately, be shutting down for good. This really comes as a surprise as the news just hit us out of the blue despite the fact that the battle royale was voted Game of the Year by both the App Store and Google Play.

In spite of the strong start and accolades, Apex Legends Mobile failed to deliver as expected according to Respawn. In a notice on the official website, the team stated the title fell short in terms of quality, quantity, and cadence. So they announced the disappointing decision to shut down Apex Legends on mobile.

So, what should players expect now? Well, there are about three months before the game finally breathes its last, with services slowly shutting down as time passes. All in-app purchases involving real money have been disabled and Apex has already been taken off the storefronts. At 4:00 pm PDT on May 1st, all servers will finally shut down.

Players have until then to continue playing as they normally would. All Syndicate Gold will continue to remain useable. Any unused in-game currency will be accessible until the game shuts down after which it will all be lost. According to EA’s User Agreement, no refunds shall be given for this. Third-party stores will no longer feature any Apex content either.

Do note that the decision to shut down Apex Legends only affects the mobile version of the game and the PC and console editions continue to function independently. It doesn’t seem like Respawn has any plans of reworking and re-releasing the game again in the future either. Looks like it is time to move on for mobile gamers.

Well, another title bites the dust, but there are still loads of battle royales available. Why not check out this list of some of the best battle royales to play on mobile?

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