Apex Legends Mobile Octane Guide - Tips, tricks, abilities, and more

Here is everything you need to know about Octane in Apex Legends Mobile, with some tips and tricks to get better

Apex Legends Mobile Octane Guide - Tips, tricks, abilities, and more

Are you looking to master using Octane? Our Apex Legends Mobile Octane guide discusses the character overviews, strengths and abilities alongside gameplay tips and tricks. Continue reading to learn everything from A to Z about the character. If you are looking for a way to download the game while it's still in beta, we made a guide for you!

Overview of the character

Octane is the fastest legend in the entire Apex Legends Mobile. He's a perfect choice for aggressive players. This is why everyone loves him, and you see this character a lot in matches.

Undoubtedly, he is a great offensive choice, with abilities that allow him to get into fights quickly. Another way to play him is by flanking to take enemies by surprise. If you want to get better at using Octane, here is a beginner's guide.

Octane's Strengths and Weaknesses

Octane's job is to stay ahead of the team. He is capable of taking the entire team into the fight using his jump pad, which you can use to back out when required too. Either way, he is basically the first one to jump in or out of action. So the fate of the entire team depends on him. One wrong move and the whole team goes back to the lobby.

  • His ultimate, LaunchPad, is an excellent tool for pushing and escaping
  • Octane is the fastest character in Apex legends Mobile
  • His tactical ability allows him to strafe like a crazy monster
  • An excellent pick for 1v1 fights
  • Tactical ability, if used at the wrong time, can be more problematic than beneficial
  • His Ultimate is better to initiate a fight than to escape, as most of the time, you will find enemies use your jump pad to chase after you

Octane's abilities

Like all other legends, Octane has three abilities: one passive, one tactical, and one ultimate ability. Let's take a closer look at these abilities:

  • Passive: Swift Mend - While not taking damage, Octane restores health over time
  • Tactical: Stim - Using this ability increases movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds. However, it costs health to use. It also reduces acceleration while active
  • Ultimate: LaunchPad - A deployable jump pad that catapults users through the air
Apex Legends Mobile Octane abilities

Apex Legends Mobile Octane Ability Tips and tricks

  • Octane's health is regenerated even when he is knocked down (when not being damaged). However, it won't stop you from bleeding out
  • Stim costs 20 health for 6 seconds, but you won't die if you use it below 20 health, you will always be left at one HP
  • Use Stim in the early game to gather looky quickly
  • Use it to dance like crazy to avoid enemy fire (basically strafing)
  • Slide over jump pad to cover more distance. You can also use the second jump to change your direction mid-air

How to play Octane?

Firstly, You should never be afraid of having low health on this character. In Apex Legends Mobile Octane needs to live life on the edge to be used effectively. It's a risky character, and if you are caught off-guard, it's GG. Good players will make the best use of Stim. To be honest, it is his real ultimate ability.

Secondly, when you use Stim and get that 30% additional movement speed, it becomes challenging to hit the target. So make sure you head into the firing range and practice for a bit.

Lastly, Octane is a really good flanker. You can use the jump pad or your crazy movement speed to flank the enemies and surprise them.

ALM Octane character guide

So that is all for our Apex Legends Mobile Octane guide. We will soon be publishing our guide on other legends too, so stay tuned!

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