Apex Legends Mobile Caustic Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more

Here is everything you need to know about Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile, with some tips and tricks to get better.

Apex Legends Mobile Caustic Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more

Are you looking to get good at using Caustic? Our Apex Legends Mobile Caustic guide discusses the character's overviews, strengths, abilities alongside gameplay tips and tricks. Continue reading to learn everything from A to Z about the character.


Caustic is a defensive legend and is probably the best pick for indoor fights. Thanks to his tactical Nox Gas trap ability, it's really tough to win a battle against a team with Caustic inside a building. In recent Esports tournaments with the Apex legends PC version, he was highly picked up by the teams as he is an excellent option for late-game fights.

Caustic's Strengths and Weaknesses

Though most of the player base believes that in Apex Legends Mobile Caustic is an entirely defensive character, an excellent player will know that he can work just as well as offensive characters and even a tracker.

  • He is tanky and can take on the bullets for his teammates
  • His Nox gas is powerful and can help you take down the entire team by yourself if you can use it efficiently
  • His passive allows him to see through his gas, while enemies can't
  • Caustic has a large hitbox. Even though he gets the Fortified perk, but it's still too much of a disadvantage
  • Caustic has no movement abilities, so if you are stuck in a tight spot, you don't have any options to reposition yourself
  • His abilities take a lot of time to master

Caustic's abilities

Caustic, just like any other legend, has three abilities, passive, tactical, and ultimate. All of his abilities revolve around his Nox Gas that causes damage to enemies when they are caught inside it. Let's take a look into his abilities:

  • Passive: Nox Vision - Caustic gets a threat vision on enemies moving through the gas
  • Tactical: Nox Gas Trap - This allows him to place up to 6 cans of Nox gas that is triggered automatically when shot or enemy walks past
  • Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade - He can throw a grenade that creates a blanket of Nox gas over the area
  • Additional traits: Fortified - Incoming damage is reduced by 15%. Not slowed by bullets

Apex Legends Mobile Caustic’s Ability Tips and tricks:

  • Nox vision does not work on enemy Caustics. So be aware of that
  • Nox Vision highlights enemies only when the gas is damaging them. Once they move out, the highlighting disappears
  • Nox gas deals health damage, bypassing shields
  • Caustic can pick up any unused gas cans to regain a charge
  • Nox gas traps can be used as a cover. It can also be used to block doors
  • Nox Gas Grenade can also be used as a defensive weapon. Just place it on your feet if caught in a tight spot, and the entire area will be covered with Nox Gas. Enemies will have no options but to back out. You can use this time to revive your teammate and reposition for the fight

How to play Caustic?

Firstly, Caustic has no movement abilities. Therefore, always play Caustic cautiously, don't stay out in the open too much. Try to stick to areas with buildings. You won't want to take close-range fights.

Secondly, if you pick him, you should always look for opportunities to place your Nox Gas Trap. Don't just keep looking for indoor options to set the traps, you can go ahead and put it in corners too.

Lastly, don't think twice before using your ultimate as a defense. We know it has a long cooldown time, but it's better to stay alive than to go back to the lobby.

Apex Legends Caustic Mobile guide

So that is all for our Apex Legends Mobile Caustic Guide. You can take a look at our Octane guide and we will soon be publishing guides for other characters too, so stay tuned.

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