Apex Legends Mobile is releasing the Aftershow update with a new battle pass, solo battle royale mode, and changes to the map

Apex Legends Mobile is releasing the Aftershow update with a new battle pass, solo battle royale mode, and changes to the map

Afterparties are always spoken more about than the parties themselves. Everyone knows that what happens after the actual party is much more fun. In that spirit, Apex Legend Mobile is launching a new season called Aftershow, which brings a tonne of new content after the awesome Hyperbeat update.

Aftershow will include a brand new battle pass, a new and much-awaited gameplay mode, a bunch of events, map updates, changes to rank systems, and the usual improvements. Apex Legends Mobile will receive this update beginning at 00:00 UTC on October 5th, so there are only a few more hours to go!

The new battle pass in Aftershow comes with heaps of new cosmetic items up for grabs. It costs 299 Syndicate Gold, which sounds like quite a good deal. Of course, the catch here is that this season’s battle pass will be much shorter than its predecessors, but it has great rewards nonetheless.

The new game mode is highly anticipated, something a lot of players will appreciate. There are a tonne of people who aren’t fond of matching with randoms or even playing in squads with others. Well, this won’t be a problem anymore as Apex’s latest update adds the Solo Battle Royale Mode. Finally! No more teammates, just a map of people fighting to be Apex Champion.

Meanwhile, Kings Canyon is receiving some updates as well. Encore Galore and Pythas Theatre will make their exits in both Ranked and normal Battle Royale modes. These changes should start being seen next week onwards.

Finally, a bunch of seasonal events will go live at different points during this month, to keep players occupied while also showering them with rewards. Here’s a brief look at them:

  • Take Back (October 8th-18th) – Unlock Phasing Punisher during this event
  • Battle Pass Boost (October 8th-10th and 15th-17th) – Extra missions for extra BP XP
  • Login Event (October 14th-21st) – Login for seven days to win epic rewards
  • Pro Mode (October 11th-12th) – Seasonal Currency will be available here by playing HACK
  • Sniper Showcase (October 5th-11th) – Complete missions to be granted the Saltwater Sentinel Skin

Get ready for another action-packed season by downloading Apex Legends Mobile now for free.

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