Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more

Here is everything you need to know about Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile, with some tips and tricks to get better.

Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more

After our Octane and Caustic guide, it's time for the much loved 'Allfather give me sight!'. Yes, you guessed it. It's time for our Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound guide, where we discuss the Legend and his abilities alongside some useful tips and tricks. So let's jump into Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound guide.

Overview of the character

Bloodhound is serious business. Whenever I want to try hard at the game, I don't think twice before choosing Bloodhound. He is a powerful tracker Legend as well as a great fighter. Firstly, his scouting abilities won't let you fall for a trap, but even if you do by mistake, his ultimate can turn the tide anytime.

Bloodhound is an excellent choice for neutral players who don't want to be super aggressive or super passive. If you're looking to get started with Bloodhound, then here is a beginner's guide.

Apex Legends Mobile Blooodhound character

Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound's Strengths and Weaknesses

Most players think of Bloodhound as a tracker, which he sure is. But at the same time, he is a great fighter. As the name suggests, he can hunt down the enemies using his ultimate. However, his ultimate has a massive cooldown timer. Therefore, a good Bloodhound player will know when to activate their ultimate and when to save it for later.

  • Bloodhound has a robust skillset
  • His tactical ability, ' Eye of Allfather', allows his team to get into position before rushing in
  • His passive gives him vital clues to provide an idea of where enemies are before any kind of encounter occurs
  • His ultimate is perfect for pushing enemies as well as strafing to avoid enemy bullets
  • He is a great option for 1v1 fights
  • Bloodhound is very dependent on its ultimate. It is a great initiation tool, but at the same time, it's his only ability that can help him escape
  • His ultimate has a massive cooldown of three minutes, meaning you will only be able to use the ability a couple of times in the entire match
  • Since Bloodhound has no movement and defensive abilities, it's pretty much game over if you get caught in the open

Bloodhound's abilities

Bloodhound, just like any other Legend, has three abilities - passive, tactical, and ultimate. Since he is a tracker Legend, all of the abilities revolve around this.

  • Passive: Tracker - Bloodhound can see enemy footprints, imprints of bullets fired, and other clues.
  • Tactical: Eye of the Allfather - Using this ability will reveal enemies, traps, and clues through all the structures around the player
  • Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt - Using this ability will turn Bloodhound into an ultimate hunter. Allowing him to see cold tracks and move faster with his enhanced senses. It also extends the duration of knockdowns
  • Additional Traits: Since Bloodhound is a tracker Legend, he can use Recon around the map to find out the next circle's location beforehand
Bloodhound guide abilities

Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound Ability Tips and tricks

  • Bloodhound's passive allows him to see clues on the map. Since your team can't see these clues, make sure to communicate to them what you see
  • Clues are dark red if they are recent. The colour fades with time. Keep this in mind
  • Bloodhound's tactical is a directional ability, which means it does not go around him. Instead, it goes in the direction you are looking. So, make sure you are facing the right direction when pressing the button
  • The sonar of the tactical ability also lets the enemies know that you are around. But you will know their exact position, so plan accordingly
  • You can use the tactical ability to see through smoke and gas as well as structures
  • When his ultimate is activated, knocking down enemies will add five more seconds to your Veast of the Hunt duration (ultimate ability)
  • It's usually best to use his ultimate ability a couple of seconds before you jump into the action

How to play Bloodhound?

Bloodhound is a better aggressive option than a defensive option. New players might use their skillset to avoid crossing paths with enemies, but a good Bloodhound player will hunt down enemies, as his name implies you should.

Bloodhound's passive ability is unique compared to other Legends. Ensure you communicate the clues and share them with your team throughout the match to make the best use of the skill. Three minds are better than one, after all. 

Use the Ultimate when it's time. Because of the long three minute cooldown, most Bloodhound players want to save their ultimate for another fight. But there will be no other fight if you don't win the current one. So use your ultimate when you think it's required.

Lastly, avoid running in the open. Remember, you are not Octane or Wraith, making some crazy moves and getting out of the open. You will be taking all the shots if the enemy team spots you in an open area.


So that is all for our Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound guide. We will soon be publishing our guide on other characters too, so stay tuned!

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