Apex Legends Mobile's Season 3: Champions arrives next week, featuring a legend, battle pass and events

Apex Legends Mobile's Season 3: Champions arrives next week, featuring a legend, battle pass and events

The Aftershow update on Apex Legends Mobile was only an interlude between Hyperbeat and what’s to follow because the real party starts now. Starting October 19th, we will enter into Season 3 of the battle royale, titled Champions. It introduces a new legend, battle pass, weapons, events, and a lot more.

New Legend

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The new legend joining Apex Legends Mobile in Season 3: Champions is Ash, the product of a mission gone wrong. Dr Ashleigh Reid was hired to steal an experimental fuel source being researched in the Outlands. She managed to infiltrate the group and puppeteer them, but things went south when the lab self-destructed.

It was thought she died but her brain was put in a simulacrum that brought out her ice-cold and power-hungry side. Her only goal now is to show everyone that she has transcended all humanity. Her abilities allow her to locate recent deathboxes, throw spinning snares, and open a one-way portal to a designated location.

Signature Weapon

The update also adds the mobile version’s first upgradable melee weapon called Constellation. It is Fade’s Signature Weapon consisting of four sharp blades that can cut through anything. It has six levels and two forms that can be unlocked by completing missions.

Battle Pass

A new season means a new battle pass. The Champions update brings with it heaps of brand-new cosmetics to give all legends, some new drip.

Upcoming Events

  • Second Shot Blitz – A limited-time mode where everyone has the opportunity to respawn automatically, giving all players a second life
  • Halloween Event – October is incomplete without the horrors and King’s Canyon and World’s Edge are about to be decorated with spooky items, alongside themed cosmetics for characters and weapons
  • Faction Missions – Players must choose one of three factions hunting for power in the Apex Games. They must fight on their behalf in order to earn seasonal currency

For more details, visit the official website for the entire patch notes. Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions goes live on October 19th at 00:00 UTC.

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