Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more

Here is everything you need to know about Bangalore in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more

Here is our Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Guide, where we talk about the character in detail, discussing her abilities and some useful tips and tricks.

Bangalore, no doubt, has always been a very well-rounded character. Whether you are an aggressive player or someone who likes to take the position and then fight, she can do the job pretty well in both scenarios. If you are looking to master this Legend, then you have come to the right place.

Overview of the character

She is a well balanced Legend. Her abilities provide a skill set that is diverse, powerful, and easily accessible. She is a comparatively easy character to use, but mastering her abilities will take you quite some time.

A big difference between an excellent Bangalore player and an average player is how they use her abilities, especially the tactical smoke launcher. Don't worry if you are just learning to use her, we've got a beginner's guide especially for you.

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Bangalore's Strengths and Weaknesses

Bangalore is a character that fits pretty well in all roles. So play as a filler, do whatever your team requires. Just like Wraith, she is a tough Legend to pin down due to her passive ability that gives her increased mobility. So your objective with her should be not to get knocked even if that means you are doing less damage.

  • Bangalore's passive gives here extra movement speed while taking fire
  • Her Tactical and ultimate gives her excellent crowd control that can work pretty well alongside other Legend's abilities
  • Bangalore's Tactical can be spammed like crazy
  • Her main disadvantage is misuse or less use of her abilities
  • Her ultimate can cause damage to herself and the team, as well as concussing the squad

Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore's abilities

Like every other character, she comes with three abilities - Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. While her tactical might look like an Escape tool and Ultimate as an instant enemy kill ability, the real scenario is very different. So let's break down and learn more about her abilities.

  • Passive: Double Time - Bangalore can get a movement speed boost when taking fire for a limited time
  • Tactical: Smoke Launcher - You will fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a wall of smoke on impact
  • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder - You can call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape

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Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore abilities

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Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore Ability Tips and tricks

  • Her passive gives a 30% speed boost. You don't necessarily have to take shots for this boost to kick in; even the bullets passing by are enough
  • The passive ability giving an extra speed boost can be used both for pushing as well as retreating.
  • Her tactical works great with Bloodhound's tactical or ultimate, as it allows the team to see through the smoke
  • The smoke explosions also deal damage if they hit an enemy Legends
  • Switching to FPP from TPP will let you see through the smoke. (not 100% clearly, but you get the idea)
  • Smoke launcher can put your team at a disadvantage. It's always better to put the smoke around the enemy team and not around you
  • Bangalore's Ultimate 'Rolling Thunder' should be used more as a defensive tool. It can be used to retreat or to slow down a fast-approaching enemy team

How to play Bangalore?

Bangalore can be played both aggressively and passively, but this Legend truly shines when played aggressively. Both her tactical and passive allow her to get out of any tough situation quickly.

While playing with her, you would want to have at least a shotgun or SMG in your loadout as most of the fights you will engage in, will be around the smoke in close range.

You can hold three charges of Smoke, so use them often. Don't save them; the cooldown is also not very long. Use them when you are looting death boxes, reviving your teammate or while pushing an enemy team.

Since Bangalore's tactical can be a huge disadvantage, too, therefore, talk to your team about what you are planning before covering the entire arena in smoke.

Bangalore guide

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So that is all for our Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore guide. Make sure to check out our other guides and tips and tricks.