Apex Legends Mobile: Best three-finger control layout

Looking for the best three-finger control HUD in Apex Legends mobile? Here you go

Apex Legends Mobile: Best three-finger control layout

Unlike other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends Mobile is a fast-paced game where you can't sit down, relax and think twice before every move. If you are going for the victory, you have to be constantly on your toes, ready for the next fight. This is where having a multi-finger control HUD will help you. In this post, we will share the best Apex Legends Mobile 3 Finger Control Layout that will help you shoot, aim, jump, slide, crouch, and heal while moving.

If you are new to mobile shooting games and looking to get better, then the first thing is to switch to a multi-finger control setup. You can start with a three-finger control layout first and then upgrade to a four-finger control layout when you're comfortable.

Apex Legends Mobile best 3 finger control layout

3 finger control layout Apex Legends Mobile

If you are struggling to win fights in Apex Legends mobile, try using this 3 finger control layout. It is a great option both for beginners and intermediate players. The sole purpose of moving to a three-finger layout is so that you can do double actions all while shooting the enemies.

The advantage of using this layout is that you have a dedicated finger for the firing button, which leaves your right thumb to use the jump, slide, scope, ability, and other controls while shooting.

This control layout is perfect for taking that leap from a new player to becoming a pro in Apex legends Mobile. It's a pretty basic control layout but very effective.

Note: We highly recommend that you also start using gyro with these Control HUDs. It will help you a lot with recoil control in Apex Legends Mobile. However, keep in mind that using gyro is a personal preference; players without gyro can play just as good as those who use it.

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That concludes our post on Apex Legends Mobile's best 3 finger control layout. We shall soon be bringing a 4 finger layout for you guys. Stay tuned.

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