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Giovanni counters and how to beat him in Pokemon GO (February 2023)

Giovanni counters and how to beat him in Pokemon GO (February 2023)
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Fighting the main antagonist, Giovanni, requires you to fight against the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Even though his line-up changes over time, you must constantly push your limits to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO.

This guide will tell you about the best Giovanni counters and how to beat him in Pokemon GO. Even though fighting Giovanni is a challenging task that requires significant effort, it is also quite rewarding, so it is worth it.

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Giovanni in Pokemon GO

Check the list below to learn Giovanni’s Line-Up:

  • Persian
  • Nidoking, Cloyster, Garchomp
  • Registeel

Take into account that Giovanni uses unique Shadow versions of the Pokemon. Shadow Energy artificially improved these Pokemon, so they have increased stats and damage. But they also have one significant disadvantage - Shadow Pokemon take more damage during battle.


To make this guide more effective, we will discuss how to counter every Pokemon that Giovanni can use. Moreover, this article will suggest a few counters for every single Pokemon. So, every player will find the most suitable way to beat Giovanni.

Take into account that it would be best to use Pokemon with Max CP over 3,500. They guarantee the highest chances to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO.

Persian Counters

You need to use powerful Fighting Type Pokemon with significant stats against Persian. Three of the best ones are:

  • Conkeldurr (243 Attack, 158 Defense, 233 Stamina)
  • Machamp (234 Attack, 159 Defense, 207 Stamina)
  • Terrakion (260 Attack, 192 Defense, 209 Stamina)

If you struggle to get Pokemon from this list, there are some alternative Pokemon like Lucario, Galarian Zapdos, and a few other Pokemon.

Nidoking Counters

Nidoking is weak against Water and Ground types of Pokemon. Below we mention three of the best counters for Nidoking:

  • Rhyperior (241 Attack, 190 Defense, 251 Stamina)
  • Kyogre (270 Attack, 228 Defense, 205 Stamina)
  • Mewtwo (300 Attack, 182 Defense, 214 Stamina)

Also, a good fit against Nidoking are Swampert, Mamoswine, and Espeon.

Cloyster Counters

If you want to fight Cloyster effectively, it is recommended to use Fighting or Rock-type Pokemon mentioned below.

  • Conkeldurr (243 Attack, 158 Defense, 233 Stamina)
  • Tyranitar (251 Attack, 207 Defense, 225 Stamina)
  • Lucario (236 Attack, 144 Defense, 172 Stamina)

Alternatively, opt for Machamp, Keldeo, or Terrakion. They can also yield good results against Shadow Cloyster.

Garchomp Counters

Garchomp is the last Pokemon that can be used on the second line, and it is weak against Ice and Dragon-type Pokemon. You can be sure that you'll find counters for it even if you don’t have plenty of Pokemon.

  • Dragonite (263 Attack, 198 Defense, 209 Stamina)
  • Avalugg (196 Attack, 240 Defense, 216 Stamina)
  • Kyurem (246 Attack, 170 Defense, 245 Stamina)

If these Pokemon are unavailable for you, there are plenty of other creatures you can choose, such as Mamoswine, Salamence, Articuno and others.

Registeel Counters

The last Pokemon in Giovanni’s Line-up is Shadow Registeel. It has only 2766 CP, and defeating it won’t be a significant problem. Use Pokemon with full attacking stats, and you will deal with Registeel:

  • Terrakion (260 Attack, 192 Defense, 209 Stamina)
  • Chandelure (271 Attack, 182 Defense, 155 Stamina)
  • Reshiram (275 Attack, 211 Defense, 205 Stamina)

If you don’t have these Pokemon, try alternative options like Excadrill or Machamp. Even though they cannot boast such high stats, these Pokemon will also be effective against Registeel.


Giovanni standing with a Poke ball

You need to use Super Rocket Radar in order to find Giovanni in Pokemon GO. Its unlocking conditions change every month. Currently, this item is obtainable by finishing the fourth step of Rocket Special Research.

Once you have Super Rocket Radar, get to Giovanni’s hiding location. Here you should interact with PokeStops until you find Giovanni. It might require a few tries and a bit of time.


Finally, it is time to find out the rewards for beating Giovanni in Pokemon GO. The main reward is that you have a chance to get a Shadow Legendary Pokemon by defeating Giovanni. 

Also, killing Giovanni guarantees 5,000 Stardust and three random rewards from the list below:

  • x4 Revive
  • x4 Max Revive
  • x4 Hyper Potion
  • x4 Max Potion
  • x1 Unova Stone

That’s it with Giovanni’s guide in Pokemon GO. As you can see, killing this boss is one of the most complex challenges in the game. It requires you to adjust your strategy to counter Giovanni. If you are looking for more information about this game, make sure to check our guide on Pokemon GO Shadow Pokemon and how to catch them.