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Best Flying-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Best Flying-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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There are so many different types of Pokemon within Pokemon Go, but one of my favourites is Flying-types. When playing my first ever Pokemon game, Ruby, I always gravitated towards the Flying-type to help me quickly move around the map, flying from one area to the other. Though you cannot fly on these creatures in Pokemon Go, there are tons of different Flying-type Pokemon in this game. Some are huge, some are small, and many are around as often as you see pigeons in the real world.

Generally, Flying-type Pokemon are good against Bug, Grass and Fighting Pokemon. You also can often tell Flying-type Pokemon from others as they are literally hovering above the ground, though visually, sometimes they do look the same as dragon-type! There are 98 different Pokemon with this typing, with only one of them being purely flying.

When it comes to the best Flying-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, this list will help you decide what Pokemon's CP to boost, what flying moves are best, and how to obtain these Pokemon. With a little help from this list, you will be able to dominate the skies and fight from above. Hopefully, you can ensure that your Pokemon is doing its best against them.

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Pidgeot is a very easy Flying-type Pokemon to capture. It’s both Flying and Normal, but the reason it’s so high on the list is because they can mega evolve. To get a Pidgeot, you will likely first find a Pidgey, in the wild. Evolving your Pidgey with 12 candies will give you a Pidgeotto, which you can then evolve, with 50 candies, into a Pidgeot. From there, you can mega evolve the creature to a Mega Pidgeot using 100 mega energy the first time, then 20 mega energy after that. Pidgeot’s best flying attacks are Gust (15 dps), which requires an Elite TM and Hurricane (48.9 dps). If you do not have an Elite TM, going with Air Slash (14 dps) instead of Gust is a good option!


On the other end of the spectrum, Moltres is an extremely hard Pokemon to find. Moltres is a legendary Fire and Flying-type Pokemon, that can be found in. Raids. However, if you want to get a super powerful version of Moltres, you can pick up a Shadow Moltres quite easily. There is a Team Go Rocket Special Research, provided by Professor Willow, which will have you defeat Giovanni and get a Shadow Moltres. Moltres is resistant to a lot of different types of Pokemon, making them powerful. The best Flying moves are Wing Attack (12 dps) and Sky Attack (48 dps) which requires an Elite TM.


Honchkrow is a Dark and Flying-type pokemon, found in the Sinnoh region. Honchkrow evolves from Murkrow, using a Sinnoh Stone and 100 candies. Murkrow is very likely to be found in the wild, especially using incense, and can often be found as a Team Rocket catch. Having a Shadow Honchkrow is more powerful than having a regular one, so it’s worth checking out what Team Rocket has to offer. Honchkrow’s best flying moves are Peck (12 dps) and Brave Bird (78 dps). Honchkrow is more vulnerable to quite a few types, due to its own, which is why they are a bit lower on the list.


Rayquaza is a really cool-looking, Legendary Dragon and Flying Pokemon. You can find Rayquaza in tier 5 raids, though the raid bosses are always changing so you might need to wait around a bit before you find one. Though Rayquaza has some really strong Dragon-type moves, they also have great Flying-type moves. Air Slash (14 dps) and Hurricane (48.9 dps) are the best options. However, Hurricane requires an Elite TM, so using Aerial Ace (27.5 dps) if you do not have one is worth considering. Rayquaza is resistant to 6 different types of Pokemon but very vulnerable to Ice, along with three semi-vulnerable types.


There are two types of Braviary currently in Pokemon go, but we are talking about the default one; which is a Normal and a Flying-type Pokemon. Braviary evolves from Rufflet, using 50 candies. Rufflet is a Pokemon that can be found in the wild, in some raids, and can be found in 2km eggs. Braviary’s best flying moves are Air Slash (14 dps) and Brave Bird (78 dps). This is this Pokemon’s strongest move set overall, making it a very powerful flying type Pokemon and best when both of their moves are flying.


Staraptor is a Normal and Flying-type Pokemon. You can get a Staraptor quite easily, by catching a bunch of Starly, evolving them with 25 candies to Staravia, and then evolving Staravia with 100 candies. Sometimes, you can also find Staraptor in raids too. Staraptor’s best flying moves are Gust (15 dps) which requires an Elite TM and Brave Bird (78 dps). If you do not have an Elite TM, you can use Wing Attack (12 dps) as the best Flying Quick Move instead. Staraptor is quite easy to power up, due to how often you'll see them, making them a good Pokemon to power up and use in battle.


Yveltal is a legendary Dark and Flying-type Pokemon, that can be found in 5-star raids during specific raid times. You’ll need to check if they are out and about! Yveltal’s strongest movesets are Flying moves, with Gust (15 dps) matching very well with Hurricane (48.9 dps), creating a really strong pokemon to take into battle. Yveltal is a very powerful Pokemon, and being a legendary will often start with higher IV stats than other Pokemon on this list, however, they are rarer since you have to wait until they're featured in raids.


Togekiss is a Fairy and Flying-type Pokemon, which can easily be obtained in Pokemon Go. You can get Togepi from hatching a 7km egg (and I got them quite often if I am perfectly honest). You can then evolve Togepi using 25 candies to get Togetic, which then can be evolved using a Sinnoh Stone and 100 candies, to get Togekiss. Togekiss can also be found in some raids, depending on what raids are going on. Togekiss’s best Flying moves are Air Slash (14 dps) and Aerial Ace (27.5 dps). It’s also just a cool-looking Pokemon to see.

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