Pokémon Go AR Snapshot updates are here, with more room for your 'mons and burst mode

Pokémon Go's AR photo-mode is getting an update

Pokémon Go AR Snapshot updates are here, with more room for your 'mons and burst mode
  • Pokémon Go's AR photo mode is getting an update as part of the Rediscover Go series
  • Alongside other changes to revamp the game for modern devices, you can include more 'mons than ever!
  • New options for poses, timers, burst modes and more let you take better AR pics and customise them

Pokémon Go's AR photo-mode is getting an update with more space for your 'mons and a brand new burst feature to let you take multiple pictures. While the AR photo mode has been part of the game for a while now, as part of the recent surge of updates intended on rebuilding the game from the ground up (Go is more than half a decade old by now) they would be making changes to avatar customisation, photo mode and more.

To start we've got an expansion to the number of your Pokémon you can include in a given photo, up to three at a time, with suggested group shots to pair them up. Next, there are changes to where you can place your Pokémon, allowing some of them to take flight in pictures rather than being earthbound. And finally, there's the addition of some familiar camera functions like burst mode for a flurry of pictures and a timer, all on top of new tools to customise your snapshots after you've taken them.

Oh Snap
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If you ever played Pokémon Snap way back in the day, then you'll know that being able to grab pictures of your collected 'mons is every Poké-fan's dream. With the new updates to Pokémon Go, Niantic looks to be trying to get players to jump back in after some flagging numbers. And with the Pokémon Trading Card Game making the jump to mobile, this may be the best time for them to capitalise on a new surge of popularity.

Speaking of fan stuff, ever wondered what exactly those weird tombs in the Johto region were? Maybe you're fascinated by the real history behind it? Well, why not take a gander at BlueBoyPhin's latest YouTube documentary covering just that? It's one we've loved so much we had to give it a plug.

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