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Pokemon GO Machamp best moveset

Pokemon GO Machamp best moveset

Fighting types are often popular Pokemon to have within your battling party. Machamp is one such fighting type, not only looking like the perfect Pokemon to fight someone but also being one of the best Pokemon if paired with the right moves. Whether you are looking to battle some gyms, battle against players in the Go Battle League, or just fight off Team Go Rocket, having the best moves will help.

Machamp's strengths and weaknesses

Machamp is evolved from Machoke, which is evolved from Machop. This Pokemon can, rarely, appear in the wild, but also can appear in Raids, from Tier 3 and up. Machamp has a max CP of 3056. As previously mentioned, Machamp is a Fighting-type Pokemon, which is vulnerable to Flying, Psychic and Fairy, who deal 160% damage to it. This Pokemon is resistant to Rock, Bug and Dark, taking 63% of the usual damage from them.

Each Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so if you want a general graph with each type, visit our Pokemon Go weakness chart.

Machamp's best moveset in Pokemon Go

When it comes to the best moveset for Machamp, both offensive and defensive movesets actually are the same combination of moves. This means that your Pokemon will be perfect for offensive and defensive battles, with the same moveset! Your best bet is Counter at 16 DPS and Dynamic Punch at 40 DPS, which is the highest total DPS that you can achieve with this Pokemon.

Machamp is a particularly good Pokemon to use against Mewtwo, which has been seen in raids all around the world lately. You might want to consider this when it comes to getting your Machamp in shape, as they can really be a helpful Pokemon in Raids to get Mewtwo or when battling a Mewtwo in the Go Battle League.

Once you have your Machamp all ready for battles, taking advantage of the best possible moveset, you will see how strong this fighting type can be!