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Pokemon Go - Lucario: Weaknesses, Counters and the best way to beat them

Pokemon Go - Lucario: Weaknesses, Counters and the best way to beat them

Lucario is a popular Pokemon from the franchise, which many members of the community know well. As such, it’s a Pokemon that many, many players want to have a part of their core team. Luckily for them, Lucario has decent stats and a very good type when it comes to taking on battles. When looking to create a core team, you will want to ensure that it is balanced, with as many Pokemon types as possible. Battles themselves are all about speed, power and defense, which means you will want to optimize your Pokemon so that they can deal and take as much damage as possible.

With that in mind, there are over 800 Pokemon in the game itself, each with five stats; HP, Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Combat Power (CP). These different stats will directly affect what kind of fighter you have on your hands, while their moves determine how they are able to adapt to different fights. When it comes to choosing in Pokemon Go, Lucario is a really popular choice, especially as it’s a hard Pokemon to come by.


When it comes to the Pokemon Go space, Lucario does not have exceptional CP, however, they are known for having a really nice type, in terms of what they are weak against and strong against. But first, you’ll have to get a Lucario. You cannot catch this Pokemon in the wild, and instead will need to hatch Riolu from a 10k egg, and then evolve that Pokemon into Lucario. Once you have it, you can start creating your team.

Lucario is known to be one of the best Pokemon to take into Team Go Rocket battles, as they can actually take all three Pokemon on its own. With that in mind, it’s also the best Pokemon for cleaning through gyms, taking out a variety of different Pokemon with their strong attacks. Lucario is decent in PvP battles, and can actually get better as the battle progresses - something that is not common with other Pokemon in the game. One of the reasons Lucario is so good is that it’s resistant against some of the strongest Pokemon types in the game. All of Lucario’s best attacks are Fighting type, which is strong against many types.


In Pokemon Go, Lucario is vulnerable to Fighting, Ground and Fire, which all deal 160% damage. At the same time, they are resistant to Normal, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon and Dark at 63% damage, and Poison, Rock and Bug at 39% damage. This is a large number of Pokemon to be resistant against, especially for a fighting type Pokemon.

If you are looking to beat Lucario, the best Pokemon to use and counter it, is Reshiram, with Fire attacks and Pheromosa with fighting attacks, which both deal 100% effective damage. Lucario, themselves, are the next choice to go against Lucario, which may sound a bit silly, but does, statistically, come next in the picture. Then, it’s Chandelure with fire attacks and Darmanitan with fire attacks as well. Lucario is a Pokemon that is worth having on your team, especially if you are looking to fight against other trainers or ensure that gyms are efficiently taken out. 

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