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Pokemon GO Dragonite best moveset

Pokemon GO Dragonite best moveset
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When it comes to Dragonite, in Pokemon Go, this Pokemon does a good job of fighting against players and Team Go Rocket, while also being able to hold their own in Gyms around the world. While others can be better at fighting or staying in Gyms, Dragonite does a great job at both, so ensuring that your Pokemon Go Dragonite has the best moveset is a really good way to add a great all-rounder to your team.


If you are looking to use your Dragonite to take on battles in Gyms or against other people, you will want to ensure that they have their Max CP at 3,792, which is pretty high, to be honest! You can use this powerful CP in order to help boost your team or other gym members when it comes to actually using your Dragonite.

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Dragonite is a Dragon and Flying type Pokemon, evolved from a Dragonair, which evolves from a Dratini. As a Dragon and Flying type, Dragonite is most vulnerable to Ice, at 256% damage dealt. It’s also vulnerable to Rock, Dragon and Fairy at 160% damage. When it comes to resistance, Dragonite is best against Fighting, Bug, Fire and Water, with them dealing 63% damage, and Ground and Grass dealing 39% damage.


If you are looking to create a Dragonite that is best at offensive, attacking and destroying Pokemon that you go up against, it’s best to have the moves Dragon Tail at 16.4 DPS and Draco Meteor at 50 DPS. It’s worth noting that you will need to use an Elite TM to teach your Dragonite Draco Meteor. If you want your Dragonite to be best at holding their own in the gym, and be a defensive pokemon, Dragon Tail at 16.4 DPS is best paired with Outrage at 33.8 DPS, which will help you hold strong. I am sure if you look at gyms around your town, you will see a Dragonite here and there, and now you can ensure yours is perfect for whichever mode of fighting you want to use them in.

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