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Pokemon GO Lucario best moveset

Pokemon GO Lucario best moveset

When it comes to Pokemon in Pokemon Go, some are rarer to find than others. Lucario is one of these Pokemon. If you do happen to get your hands on Lucario, you will find yourself with a pretty powerful Pokemon, if you ensure that you have the best moveset! We are looking to help you find the best moveset for Lucario, so you can have a Pokemon that does well in gyms, against Team Go Rocket, and against other trainers.


In Pokemon Go, you will not be able to find Lucario in the wild. Instead, you will need to hatch its pre-evolution, Riolu, from an egg. Once you have hatched Riolu, you will then need to evolve it to get Lucario. That’s its only evolution. Lucario is a Fighting and Steel type Pokemon, which makes it vulnerable to Fighting, Ground and Fire, dealing 160% damage.

Now, the real power of Lucario is what it's are resistant to, as it’s a big list. They are resistant to Normal, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon and Dark, dealing 63% damage, and also resistant against Poison, Rock and Bug, dealing 39% damage. Though Lucario has a low max CP of 2,703, they are great at attacking and fighting due to their massive number of resistances.


Lucario has one moveset, which is best for both offensive and defensive gameplay. These moves are Counter at 16 DPS and Aura Sphere at 60 DPS. Neither of these moves requires any special TMs to teach to your Pokemon. These moves have the highest total DPS and are the best moves for both PvP battles and staying in Gyms, though it’s worth mentioning that Lucario isn’t particularly useful when left to defend gyms, due to their low CP.

Hopefully, with all this information, you can make the most of your Lucario, once you have hatched them from their egg. It took me, personally, ages to get a Lucario - especially as it’s the luck of your egg, and takes a long time to hatch them!

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