Pokemon GO Blissey's best moveset

Pokemon GO Blissey's best moveset
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Pokemon Go has some Pokemon that just make for better fighting and battling. Blissey, with a massive max CP, can not only hold gyms well for a long time, but can also be very good at battling in them. Having a Blissey on your team with the best moveset possible, coupled with them hitting max CP, can provide a really strong start.

Blissey's strengths and weaknesses

If you are looking to use your Blissey as one of your fighting Pokemon, to take on Team Go Rocket, Gyms, and the Go Battle League, you will want to make sure you make the best use of your high CP Pokemon. Blissey has a max CP of 2757, making it one of the most powerful Pokemon and willing to last longer than many others. When that is combined with the best moveset, you can end up with a really valuable Pokemon on your team.

Bissey is a Normal-type Pokemon, that’s evolved from Chansey, which is evolved from Happiny (who actually needs to be your buddy before you can evolve them). You can find Blissey in the wild, fully transformed already, but often we tend to see Chansey more often than Blissey. As this Pokemon is Normal, it’s vulnerable to Fighting, which deals 160% damage to it, and is resistant to Ghost, which deals 39% damage. If you're looking for a type weakness chart, we have you covered on that front.

Blissey's best moveset

Blissey’s best offensive moveset is Pound at 14 DPS and Hyper Beam at 47.4 DPS. This is the best combination for Gyms and PVP battles. If you are looking for a defensive moveset, going with Zen Headbut, which has a DPS of 10.9 and Dazzling Gleam, which has a DPS of 28.6 is your best bet. None of these requires a fancy TM to teach the attack to your Blissey. Once you have either of these movesets for your Blissey, you will see what a powerful addition this cute Pokemon can be.

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