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Pokemon GO Mewtwo best moveset

Pokemon GO Mewtwo best moveset

When it comes to legendary Pokemon, there are few more well-known than Mewtwo. Mewtwo looks like a massive alien, having ample time in the Pokemon series, and becoming a very iconic Pokemon in its own right. As they are a Pokemon that is hard to capture, their CP is quite high, and they make for a great Pokemon to fight against others, in PVP battles or against Team Go Rocket. Legendary Pokemon cannot be left to defend gyms, just so you know, so your Mewtwo won’t be used for that.


Mewtwo is a Psychic type Pokemon that does not evolve into anything or from anything. This Pokemon can only be gained through 5-star Raid battles at certain times of the year or through specific Special Research. There is an Armoured version of Mewtwo, but apart from the visuals, they are pretty identical, so this guide will work well for both.

Mewtwo has a max CP of 4,178, which is quite high. They are vulnerable to Bug, Ghost and Dark, which deals 160% damage. They are resistant to Fighting and Psychic, which deals 63% damage. This is a good amount of range when it comes to fighting, and as Mewtwo is such a fun Pokemon to bring out against other people, it’s good that it is easy to remember what Mewtwo is good against.


When it comes to the best moveset for either the Armoured Mewtwo or regular Mewtwo, you will end up with the same set. This set is good for both offense and defense, so it’s pretty easy to ensure that your Mewtwo is perfect for combat and ready for whoever you want to take on! You will want to have Confusion, at 15 DPS and Psystrike at 47 DPS, to have the highest combination of DPS. It’s worth noting that Psystrike needs an Elite TM to teach the move to your Mewtwo, otherwise they will not learn it.

Once you have taught your Mewtwo both Confusion and Psystrike, you will find yourself with a great Pokemon to fight against other trainers and Team Go Rocket. I particularly love putting my Mewtwo in the Pokemon Go League, as it really feels like a big power move and showing off, since they are such a well-known Pokemon.

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