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Pokemon GO Metagross best moveset

Pokemon GO Metagross best moveset

Metagross is a large, machine-looking Pokemon that is resistant to a lot of different types, and doesn't have a lot of weaknesses. This makes it a very useful Pokemon to have the best moveset for. If you are looking for a Pokemon to battle in Gyms, the Go Battle League, or use against Team Go Rocket, you can easily make Metagross one of the best Pokemon in your party.

Metagross strengths and weaknesses

Metagross is a Steel and Psychic-type Pokemon. This makes them vulnerable to Ground, Ghost, Fire and Dark, with all of those types dealing 160% damage. Metagross is actually resistant to a lot of different types; Normal, Flying, Rock, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Poison and Psychic, with them dealing 39% damage.


Metagross evolves from Metang, which evolves from Beldum. You can sometimes find Metagross in its full form in the wild. Metagross has a max CP of 3791, which is quite high as well.

Pokemon GO Metagross best moveset

For the best offensive moveset for Metagross, you will want to have Bullet Punch, with 12 DPS, and Meteor Mash, with 46.2 dps. It’s worth noting that Meteor Mash does require an Elite TM for Metagross to learn the move. This moveset is the best for attacking Pokemon in Gyms and for PvP battles. If you are looking for the best defensive moveset, Zen Headbutt with 13.1 DPS and Meteor Mash, with 46.2 DPS is your best bet. Again, Meteor Mash will need an Elite TM to be taught to your Pokemon.

Metagross can be a really powerful pokemon, especially if you have a few Elite TMs around that can help you get them to the best moveset. Once you have Metagross at the best moveset, you’ve got a really strong Pokemon that can hold its own in battles while having plenty of health to back it up.