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Pokemon GO Slaking best moveset

Pokemon GO Slaking best moveset

If you have been playing Pokemon Go recently, you’ve probably picked up a Slaking. Slaking's are funny-looking Pokemon, as they are just laying down, yet have a lot of health and can really take over a gym for a long time. Also, Slaking's tend to be high in CP when you catch them, which is a pretty good start.

Slacking - stats, strengths and weaknesses

If you are looking to use your Slacking to fight in the Go Battle League, fight against Gyms, or battle against Team Rocket Grunts, you might be looking for the best move sets to give to aim for. If you ensure that your Pokemon has a strong and stable moveset, you can focus on powering up your Pokemon and using them to really dominate the game.

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Slaking is evolved from Vigoroth, which is evolved from Slakoth. It’s a Normal-type Pokemon that is vulnerable to Fighting, which deals 160% damage, and resistant to Ghost, which deals 39% damage. Slaking has a Max CP of 4431, making it a very strong Pokemon generally.

Pokemon GO Slaking best moveset

When it comes to the best moveset for Slaking, if you are looking to use your Pokemon to attack gyms and have other battles, Yawn, with a DPS of 0 (but provides 8.8 EPS), and Hyper Beam, with a DPS of 47.4, are the best. This creates a good Offensive track, however, if you’d rather use your Slacking for defense, the best moveset for them is Yawn, with a 0 DPS, and Play Rough with 31 DPS. Neither of these moves require an Elite TM, so instead, you can use candy and stardust to change.

Slaking is a great Pokemon to stick in Gyms and keep there for good lengths of time. It’s a powerful and strong Pokemon, especially with the best moveset for this type. Hopefully, with this information, you can ensure that Slacking is one of the top Pokemon in your team!