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Pokemon GO Gengar: best moveset

Pokemon GO Gengar: best moveset

When it comes to battling against gyms, Team Go Rocket or other players, you will likely want to ensure your Pokemon have the best moveset possible. This will allow them to be more efficient in fighting and last longer when taking out opponents. Being aware of the best moves and ensuring that your Pokemon is going up against others that they are resistant to will really help! Gengar is a Ghost and Poison type Pokemon that can end up being quite good in battle!

What you need to know about Gengar

Gengar is evolved from Haunter, which is evolved from Gastly. This Pokemon can also Mega Evolve to a Mega Gengar, if you have enough Mega Energy. Gengar has a max CP of 2878 as a regular Pokemon and a max CP of 4336 as a Mega Evolved Gengar, making a Mega Evolved Gengar quite powerful.

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As Gengar is a Ghost and Poison Pokemon, they are vulnerable to Ground, Ghost, Psychic and Dark, which deal 160% damage. Gengar is resistant to Grass and Fairy at 63% damage dealt, Normal, Poison and Bug at 39% damage dealt, and Fighting at 24% damage dealt.

Gengar's best moveset in Pokemon Go

When it comes to the best moveset for Gengar, for an offensive moveset, Lick provides 12 DPS and Shadow Ball provides 40 DPS, making it the best possible combination as this it has the highest total DPS. It’s worth noting that Lick requires an Elite TM to be taught to your Pokemon. If you are looking for a more defensive moveset, Hex at 10 DPS and Shadow Ball at 40 DPS are your best bet.

Gengar does have a lot of different moves that can be learned from Elite TMs, so this is something worth keeping in mind when you use them. It’s a good Pokemon to fight Mewtwo with as well, which is worth remembering when this legendary starts appearing! Hopefully, with the perfect moveset, Gengar can become a key part of your team.

In the end, you should take a look at the monthly raids in Pokemon Go, they will let you know when to catch specific Pokemon!