Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 1 - Pirate Hideout, Galactoss, Arne Beacon, and more

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 1 - Pirate Hideout, Galactoss, Arne Beacon, and more

Our complete walkthrough guide for Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

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Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is one of the better Zelda-likes you can play on any platform. As of right now you can only play it on Apple Arcade, but you'll be able to enjoy it as it was intended on the Nintendo Switch very soon.

To help you through this adventure we're crafted a full guide to walk you through every step of the way, so no matter where you get stuck, you'll be able to find the way out.

In this guide we've covered the introduction to the game, the first boss, and the first few areas, including Arne Village, Beacon Hill, and Arne Beacon.

If you need help in any of those areas just take a look below, and if you're already past this stuff, take a look at our next guides for what you need…

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Tutorial area and Old Pirate Hideout

  • You'll start the game on a beach - head towards the yellow marker on your minimap in the top right corner of the screen, this will be your main goal throughout the game, and you'll want to move towards it whenever you're lost
  • Move from the beach onto the island, and climb the ramp to activate the switch to lower the bridge
  • Head into the mine, leading to the Old Pirate Hideout
  • In the first room of the hideout you can mount the platform to your right, and use it to jump over to the box on the floor, and then the raised chest on a platform - jumping is done by walking off a ledge, just like older Zelda games
  • There are multiple pathways in the next room, but just follow the path on the floor to find the blue switch and stand on it to open the door
  • You'll get the shield from the chest, now go into the last room and find the exit with a boulder - hold up the shield and walk into the boulder to push it off the edge, and then jump across
  • There's a red switch on a platform - these will not stayed pressed when you stand on it, so get a pot from the left side of the room and place that on the switch to open the door
  • If you need health, you can get some by jumping on the box and ledge at the back of the room - once the enemies are defeated, open up the chest and open the final locked door in the previous room
  • In the next room you can push the boulder down the ramp to attach the enemies at the bottom - or just fight them…
  • In the next room take a barrel off the floor and brush it against the bonfire, then run to the planks boarding up the exit to burn them away, and collect the chest inside
  • Once done, move up the ramp to the right of the room and once in the next area you can collect the chest on the shipwreck in the centre before moving through to the exit


  • Galactoss is the first boss, and he's a big ugly octopus with multiple phases
  • The first phase will have him simply hitting you with his large tentacles, and all you should do is attack the tentacles, and dodge roll once you see an attack animation
  • Once you've taken down enough tentacles, Galactoss will open his mouth allowing you to deal massive damage
  • In the second phase Galactoss will use the tentacles to throw pots at you, meaning long-range tactics are useless
  • Just attack as quickly as possible, and Galactoss will open his mouth for attack again
  • If you run low on health, you can get more by sometimes taking down tentacles
  • It should only require Galactoss to open up twice for you to finish the fight - make sure to collect the chest at the back of the room!

At sea, Arne Village

  • This is our first moment at sea! You can simply drag your cursor to move as normal and visit different islands
  • This is a simple world map, but you can expect a few surprises along the way
  • Head towards your yellow marker to dock at Arne Village
  • Talk to Master Mayfair on the dock and give to him the item you retrieved before following him to his house
  • Once you get there, make sure to beat on the training dummy a bit…
  • After you've sat down for dinner you'll wake up in bed and left a mysterious note, pick up the key out of the chest and follow the marker to unlock the gate to the village
  • Follow the path and you'll find your way to Warden Woods

Warden Woods, Beacon Hill

  • There's a fairly simple switch puzzle immediately to your left - go up on the grassy ramp and shoot at the target across the river to open a gate
  • Inside the gate is another simple puzzle where you must move a golden ball onto a platform
  • Once done, you'll open up a fast-travel point for you to use in the future
  • Follow the marker to find your way to Beacon Hill
  • Once at Beacon Hill it's time for a puzzle - talk to Gen and he'll join your party, allowing you to command him to stand on switches etc.
  • Stand on the stone plate next to the raised chest, and then tell Gen to weight the switch from your radial menu
  • Next pick up a pot or barrel and then move so you're in view of the switch on the wall behind the gate
  • Tap the icon where your gun usually is to go into throw mode, and then aim and tap on the switch to throw your item, flipping the switch and opening the gate

Arne Beacon part 1

  • Move into the main room of Arne Beacon, there are two Kraktos on the floor - quick tip: if you hold up your shield when a Kraktos moves into the floor, your character will stay facing them when they come back up
  • Climb the ladder up to the top, hop over the gap, and then throw a pot at the switch to open the gate
  • The floor will fall through as you go through the gate, but you can easily climb the wall to escape
  • In this next room brush a barrel up against the fire, and then take it to both the blocked paths on the bottom and upper floor
  • The upper floor leads to a nice chest, while the bottom floor is where you need to go
  • Once through, make sure to smash the Bloodstone

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