Updated June 2, 2020: New entries added

We can understand and accept that there are avid gamers out there who say they don't like sports. But avid gamers who say they don't like sports games? That we can argue about.

The virtualisation of sports is baked into the history of video games. The very first game was a rudimentary take on tennis, after all.

Ever since that starting point, a certain sporting influence has never been far from the world of video games. Just check out the booming eSports scene, for example.

While there are plenty of slavish sporting simulators out there that possible wouldn't appeal to the non-sporty among us, there are also plenty of games that play fast and loose with real world sports. Games that take the tight rulesets and tactile mechanics of real sport and make them more fun or cerebral.

The point we're trying to make here is, sports are just physical games. And when you digitise them, they're just games, plain and simple. These 25 games are great games, pure and simple.