Birdie Crush: Some tips to help you tee off your anime golf journey

Birdie Crush: Some tips to help you tee off your anime golf journey

Become a golf master at Delion Bridge

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Birdie Crush is one of the newest golf games available on mobile. We have seen many great golf games release and this just adds to the list. What makes Birdie Crush unique is that it's an anime-based game. The game was created by Com2Us which known for making mobile sports games over the years.

You play the role of a young girl named Erin who is encouraged to take up golf by the slight urging of her father. After not initially showing interest, she sees another girl with tremendous skill play and she finds this very cool. To the surprise of her dad, she decided to play golf.

She heads to the prestigious Delion Bridge Golf Academy to play with some of the best young golfers in this fantasy world. You can unlock some new characters to use as you go. The game will remind you a bit of the legendary Hot Shots Golf games with its anime-design. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when teeing it up in Biridie Crush.

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Get Comfortable With The Shot Meter

As with many classic golf games, Birdie Crush relies on a three-click meter for shots. It will feel a tad different at first, especially if you're used to the swipe down/up controls of some popular mobile golf games. But what's nice about the three-click method is that's it's easy to pick up.

At the same time, it can also provide a slight challenge as well. It's really all just a comfort thing. You start your shot with one click, then on the second click, you try to get the highest power you can, especially when it comes to tee shots. Then the third click will determine how accurate your shot is.

That third click is about as important as any. Making sure that your cursor is in the sweet spot can really determine the outcome of your shots. Sure, it's always great to have power, but if you fail to get enough power (hey, we all have a slip of the thumbs/fingers from time to time), your accuracy can bail you out. So just get used to the timing of the three-click system and you'll be a master wielder of the golf club.

Feel Free to Use The Pre-Putt Tool

Putting the ball is arguably the most important aspect of the sport of golf. Out of all of the powerful tee shots and magical iron shots, the putt is about as critical as they come. And putting in golf games can be tricky sometimes but Birdie Crush makes things a bit easier.

For starters, it takes only one click to putt. This is helpful as you won't have to worry about how much power you need to use. However, accuracy and reading the grid is still immensely important. That's where the nifty putt preview tool comes into play.

If you've played a golf game before on PC or console, then you may be familiar with this feature. Using it allows you to see where the ball will roll on impact. This will allow you to reposition yourself to put yourself in the best spot to make the putt. One good note would be to try and read the beads on the grid, then move your character to where you feel is correct and then turn on the putt preview. Making prior adjustments before turning on this feature may make your preview look twice as good, thus making your putt easier.

Take Advantage of Powers

Birdie Crush is a world of fantasy, and it's truly is one of the most fantasy-like golf games you'll ever play, be it on mobile or otherwise. And so, what is a fantasy experience without the wonders of superpowers, am I right? There are quite a few that you can use on the golf course.

The interesting thing is how they become available to you. The power-ups are actually floating about on the golf course as you play. So no, these aren't just purchased in a store or the like. They are on the course, and you need your ball to land close enough to them to add them to your arsenal during a round.

It will no doubt remind you of racing games like Mario Kart, Crash Racing, and Kart Rider among others. It's a clever way to collect some powers in a golf game. And using these at the right time can really give you an edge on big shots.


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