Retro Bowl: Tips to help you own the gridirion

Retro Bowl: Tips to help you own the gridirion

Pass, run, and manage to victory.

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Retro Bowl is an American football game by New Star Games that takes you back in time. To be real, if you're a fan of football, then this is a mobile masterpiece of a game. The best part is that it's free, and as such, it was deservedly included in our recently-updated list of the best free games to play on your mobile device. 

Although it isn't an officially licensed NFL game, it is heavily based on the league. All of the teams have the same colored uniforms and city representation. The only thing that's different is that there are no team names and no NFL players.

One of the cool things about Retro Bowl is that you can both manage your franchise and take it to the field and play. You will need to draft players, make trades, sign free agents, and more. The gameplay is great but simple at the same time. The passing, running, and kicking feel satisfying but it does take some quick reactions. 

Here are a couple of Retro Bowl tips you can use for both on and off the field.

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Tip #1 - Draft wisely

After your first quick game, you will enter the draft as head coach and general manager. There are three rounds per draft. You can choose one player in each of the rounds and they are randomly generated. You can take a look at your roster as you go which is important.

This is critical because you don't want to draft someone at a position you don't need. So check your roster, and check your players' attributes before making a decision. In some areas, it's good to have depth, but let's say you already have a great quarterback or running back? Then you don't need to draft one.

For example; one position I desperately needed to improve on was the kicker. My current kicker had very weak leg strength and OK accuracy. In the later rounds, I found a kicker with much greater attributes. It was like finding a hidden gem. That's the cool thing about drafting in Retro Bowl. You never know if you'll find a diamond in the rough to help your team.

Tip #2 - Run the football

Both passing and running are great in Retro Bowl, but definitely don't be hesitant to ram the ball down the defense's throats. This can be extremely effective once you get comfortable with the juke moves. Juking is easy to learn.

All you need to do is a quick swipe on the screen. Swipe up to go to your running back's right, or swipe down to go to his left. If you time it right, you can get in some sweet stiff-arm moves and avoid tackles. Of course, it's wise to utilize the run at the correct times.

For example, you probably don't want to run it on third down with 10 yards left for a first down. However, if you have only a few yards away, then ram your way through. This is more general football fundamentals, but it certainly applies in this game.

Tip #3 - Work on passing vision

Passing the ball in the game is a ton of fun, but does require quick thinking. So, it's a good idea to work on your passing ability in games. Plays are called for you, and they will tell you the routes of your receivers. Keep that in mind before snapping the ball.

Then, after hiking the ball, you'll need to aim at your intended receiver as he's on the move. It's not like other football games where a tap of the button automatically fires the ball to your target. You need to focus your aim while players are in motion. Don't worry though, you don't need to be absolutely perfect on your throws, as long as you get it close enough for your man to grab it.

But practice on your reactions. If you need to, figure out who you want to throw to before you snap the ball, at least when starting out. But once you start getting cozy at the quarterback position, you'll be able to make some quick reads.

Tip #4 - Customize to your liking

OK, I'm going to be upfront and say that this feature will cost money ($.99). But, if you want to be creative, and customize your football experience, then it may be worth the plunge. This is really cool because you could give yourself an NFL experience despite not having the license.

You can edit teams your way. So, if you see the Chicago team and want to change their name to the Bears, you can do that. Perhaps you want to change the name of the Green Bay QB to Aaron Rodgers you can do that to reflect the real NFL.

On top of this, there are some minor, but cool additions with this add-on. One of these includes dynamic weather and difficulties. The weather obviously means you'll be able to play in the snow, rain, and other elements. The dynamic difficulty is interesting, as this makes your game harder the more you win, and easier the more you lose. However you choose to play Retro Bowl, there are some good options to choose from.

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