Updated December 29, 2020: New entries added

We're several years removed from the tower defence (tower defense to our US readers) genre's golden years. You don't get so many of the things popping up on the App Store as you used to.

Used to be you couldn't move for games featuring the strategic placement of dozens of automated defences, which would be used to mow down waves of enemies.

While the TD scene's glory days are well behind it, however, we still love a good example of the format. It was so popular because it took the essentials of RTS and other traditional tactical genres, and condensed them for mobile play.

There are some stone cold classics out there too. In fact, the finest tower defence games on the App Store count among some of the finest mobile games ever made.

We've assembled some of these old school classics, alongside some newer and more diverse fare (they are still being made, albeit in fewer numbers), in the following best of list.

TD forever!