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The best April Fool's content in mobile gacha games

The best April Fool's content in mobile gacha games

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  • We scour creative avenues gacha games use to celebrate this annual mischief day
  • Some teased gag-inducing cutscenes and videos
  • Others hosted mini events featuring time-limited characters

Now that we’re past Easter, it's that time of the year again when pranksters unite to celebrate this occasion by pulling off innocent pranks on our loved ones or colleagues. However, we at Pocket Gamer love it for the fact this day gives a free pass to gacha companies to mess with their player base in good ways. In this retrospective compilation, we shall humour you with some of the peak content (and vice versa) pumped out of gacha games in the past year to enliven the mischievous spirit.

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Limbus Company

Nightmare horse in Limbus Company

While they announced their decision to pass on this year, 2023 is when they truly cooked with a fourth-wall-breaking mini-event. In Dante's dream, we are treated to the sight of Vergilius, our fellow Red Fixer no-nonsense guide breaking his character while enacting a series of introduction cut-scenes that's a parody of Blue Archive and Arknights. The wildest part was no doubt his sudden metamorphosis into a grey horse cheering for Dante, clearly a parody of Uma Musume. Impressively, this joke event probably made Limbus the first-ever South Korean title to feature games from two of its geographic neighbours.

Don't forget that we have Limbus Company tier list and a few other guides, in case you need help with the current meta.

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory

Girl shooting a minigun

NIKKE brazenly markets itself as an ecchi game with high-quality production values. Under the hood, NIKKE is quite the entertainer, going ham with April Fool's Day. Besides turning the character sprites into chibi versions with proper animations, an event titled Full Fool Day features a light-hearted story that puts you through the various shenanigans of your fellow Nikke. The star of the limelight was no doubt Shifty the ditzy central operator. You get hands-on with her as a playable character with a complete skill set and animations. To check how well she fits in, in comparison to some other characters, there's a NIKKE tier list that ranks all of them.

Fate Grand/Order

Anime characters playing baseball

While it's a fossil on all fronts, FGO's passionate dedication to this spoof day aged like a fine wine, practising an annual tradition of releasing spin-offs that usually run for a full day. These mini-games vary in terms of gameplay based on what was popular during that time – ranging from Pokemon Go, RPGMaker-styled JRPGs, to AR-Angry Bird-style games. Carrying on the legacy, Fate Grail/League is the 2023 entry in the form of a baseball simulator where the servants each have their own goofy chibi art style. As for the main game, you get a hefty sum of 10 quartz. Yay! But there's a lot of missed potential here as all these mini-games thus far make for an excellent tea break getaway. Even though it's an old game, we are still updating the Fate Grand Order tier list in case you're interested in picking up the best characters. 

Blue Archive

Blue Archive robot that looks like a Transformers

Trolling through the teasing of merchandise featuring anticipated characters is also a witty method for an April Fool's prank and that's what Blue Archive did for its entry in 2023. Aside from a series of live streams from Michiru's perspective that features some immaculately made 3D renders of Kivotos' characters in a casual conversation. Blue Archive teased not one but two pieces of merchandise, including PVs for a Lego parody play-set about a bank robbery as well as a second one dedicated to promoting K.A.I.T.E.N.G.E.R that's totally not a Megazord. While it exists as a concept for now, it does open possibilities for them to be the real thing.

Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy characters holding baloons

Tis the day to call for a celebration and Granblue Fantasy took it to the next level by hosting a collaboration with Hello Kitty of all things. True to the hoax fashion, the event only ran for a grand total of five days, coinciding with Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary. While the duo Cinammonroll and Pompompurin is available for free as a Wind character, Hello Kitty made her appearance in the form of boost equipment, Summoning stone with decent buff effects to boot. Other than the usual event rewards where milestone is achieved by continually pounding a strangely muscular vyrn and skin galore, there is also a voting event for you to take onto social media to gloss over your favourite Sanrio character. And if you're looking for other characters that you can use to boost your teams' power, GranBlue Fantasy tier list is here to assist you.

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