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Limbus Company tier list - The best Identities for each character

Limbus Company tier list - The best Identities for each character

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Updated on: May 24th

Limbus Company is a complex game full of overwhelming information and a few dozen different Identities, or different versions, of each character available. While we won’t be doing a deep dive into the combat and how that all works in this guide, you can check out our beginner’s guide for Limbus Company if that's what you're after. We will be going over the best Identities for each character and what makes them so strong, explaining through the whole Limbus Company tier lists.

Given the length of the tutorial section being rather large and every Identity you can get from the first roll you make on the gacha banner, it's my own opinion that re-rolling is basically worthless. Still, if you're truly after a specific Identity, you can do so simply by resetting your account in the game options once they're accessible.

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S Tier

Faust - The One Who Grips

The One Who Grips is, despite a nerf or two, an incredibly strong Identity. This Identity makes Faust the main villain of chapter 3 of the story mode, and brings with it some incredibly powerful abilities. Two out of three of her abilities utilize pierce damage, and the last does blunt damage, so don’t expect her to have a place on your slash team. All of these abilities hit really hard though, and apply lots of bleed, so she's basically a mainstay in just about any composition.

Mersault - N Corp. Grobhammer

Grobhammer is another N Corp Identity much like The One Who Grips, and utilizes the same two-pierce, one blunt set-up. Once again, this one does lots of Bleed, but also holds the ability to heal himself on any hit with Annihilate Heretics too. He’s basically strong for the same reasons The One Who Grips is, but with some self-healing added in too.

Hong Lu - Kurokumo Wakashu

You may see this Identity at the top of the Limbus Company tier lists and think that a 2-star wouldn’t match up to Hong Lu’s 3-star variant. What you don’t know, however, is that this 2-star rarity Identity is one of the best in the game. Oriented around slash attacks, Kurokumo Hong Lu specifically has the ability Cloud Cutter, which deals up to 6 Bleed to an enemy who has no current Bleed stacks. This is possibly the strongest ability in the entire game, so be sure not to sleep on this Identity.

Hong Lu - Tingtang Gang Leader

Tingtang Gang Leader revolves around re-casting two of the three abilities specific to this Identity, one re-casting if the opponent has less than 25% HP, and the other fully choosing a new target if you kill the first target with it. Specifically, you should focus on using Mutilate as much as possible on low HP targets to then re-cast it over and over on the squishier opponents.

Outis - Seven Section 6 Director

This version of Outis is easily her best due to the Passive ability, which deals extra damage if you are doing damage that the target is Weak or Fatal to, and each ability of hers debuffing the target’s offence and defence respectively. If you are facing a boss, Seven Section 6 Outis is great to use to debuff them down to an easier level.

Ryoshu - Kurokumo Wakashu

This 3-star version of Ryoshu is powerful for the same reason as the Kurokumo version of Hong Lu, which is her ability to put huge stacks of Bleed on an opponent, as well as debuff them and do more damage depending on the stacks of Bleed the target has. Combine her with the Kurokumo version of Hong Lu, and you won't struggle through any current content.

Heathcliff - R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit

Despite not having any way to refresh his Ammo Count, this version of Heathcliff inflicts lots of Bleed, Fragile, and Rupture, which are all hyper-damaging debuffs to whichever target. Throw in his massively damaging abilities, and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Sinclair - The One Who Shall Grip

Sinclair's newest Identity goes hand-in-hand with The One Who Grips, as their passives bounce off one another to do lots of damage. Much like his predecessor, he does lots of Bleed damage and focuses on purely Blunt skills. Add in the ability to raise his own Stagger Threshold, and this new version of Sinclair seems to dominate pretty strongly.

A Tier

Gregor - G Corp Manager Corporal

Gregor's only 3-star variant thus far focuses on self-sustaining, with each ability healing him for a set amount. This makes him a tough one to beat on the field, though he does fall a little short given his abilities aren't super strong in Clashes outside of Dismember. Still, he’s a worthy addition to any team composition.

Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager

Another Ammo-based character, which is probably the only pitfall of this Identity. LCCB Ishamel is pretty good at winning clashes, though she could be better, but she is one of the few who can apply Rupture and Tremor to opponents, buffing up your team's damage significantly. The other downfall of this Identity is that all of her abilities are Blunt, so be sure to know the enemy's resistance before you add her to the roster.

Ryoshu - R.B. Chef de Cuisine

Another big Bleed stacker, this version of Ryoshu can deal hefty damage with both her Bleed abilities and the fact that I Can Cook Anything does way more damage if the target has low HP. Add in her Passives, which heal the lowest HP ally on your team when an enemy is defeated, and she’s a solid pick for long Dungeons specifically.

B Tier/General character picks

Beyond the top of the tier list for Limbus Company, the remainder of the characters are all decent options in one way or another, but most require more investment than the ones above to stand out. Some notable exceptions are Don Quixote’s W Corp. Cleanup Agent Identity, which can dish out huge damage but is kept back by not being able to keep her Charge count up. Alongside her, I’d point out that Faust’s Lobotomy Corp Remnant Identity is a pretty strong Clasher, but falls short in most other departments when compared to stronger slash-based Identities.

Otherwise, Identities beyond the ones mentioned above aren’t worthless by any stretch of the imagination but are outclassed by their stronger variants. Focus on grabbing those in the S Tier and you will be able to tackle all of the current content in Limbus Company with ease!

There are other similar lists that you can take a look at, like the Legend Clover tier list, or the Call of Dragons tier list, to name a few. Of course, we are featuring a lot more, so take a look around!

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