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Metria tier list: Ranking all currently available characters

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Metria tier list: Ranking all currently available characters

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Updated on April 3rd, 2024 - Version: 2.3.0 - Latest addition: Fluffy Spring Festival, Cute Easter

Asobimo’s Metria has captured our interest recently, and despite a relatively small roster for a game of its type, each of the playable characters featured has a unique appeal. But for those more concerned about stats than other attributes, what’s important is knowing where they place and what you should be going for.

While set up like a traditional JRPG, Metria more closely resembles a hack 'n slash. Rather than using a given set of characters in a turn-based set-up, you'll be constantly switching between them during quickly moving, flowing battles against a variety of enemies. Spacing and dodging will be your friend, but being able to do damage and make use of unique moves is also key to success.

Given that the roster is fairly limited currently - and that there aren't any downright "bad" characters - we're going to keep the rankings to the S - B tiers. We'll be sure to revisit when more characters are released, especially if Metria manages to find its footing and start making an even bigger splash.

You'll also want to use our reroll guide to Metria as well, but for a brief overview, you should know that each character has an element that they're in affinity with. This boosts their damage against enemies weak to that type and means that they will also take greater damage in certain situations too. Characters also have four slots where you can apply upgrades in the form of tarot cards, some of which provide extra boosts to certain characters or those with a certain affinity.

If you take a look at whatever characters you get, you can open the details tab in order to see all their damage types, stats and more broken down. We also have a guide taking you through the beginning of the game and explaining all the basic mechanics if you want to know more!

That’s where our latest Metria tier list comes in - we’ll be looking at the characters currently available, ranking them based on our experience and their usefulness, and discussing why we’ve made these placements! So let’s get started with…

Original article by Iwan Morris, updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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S Tier

Rio character
  • Rio
  • Aru
  • Haylead
  • Shash

Top of the Metria tier list is where the best characters' stats and intuitiveness-wise are placed, starting with the demi-human Aru. One of the indisputably good characters stat-wise, Aru also uses ranged attacks which makes her one of the few characters to do so. She’s also available from early on and her abilities in this case make a big difference in pushing her into the top tier.

Shash is another ranged fighter - you’ll notice a pattern here - her abilities, including debuffs, make her a more debilitating version of Aru. This is helpful for not only doing damage from range but also if you need to switch to a melee character who can then benefit from the debuffs.

Stats-wise, Rio is nothing to write home about, however, if you’ve ever played a Japanese hack ‘n slash or JRPG, you’ll recognise him as your bog-standard protagonist. Conversely, this means he’s also easy to learn and has a very intuitive move set, so keeping him as the standard centre of your party is an easy recommendation to make.

A Tier

Begius is in the middle of the Metria tier list
  • Begius
  • Princess Lost in the Flames
  • Popodero
  • Pretty Dragon
  • Zescol
  • Fluffy Spring Festival
  • [Wandering Merchant] Anrica
  • Lunaria

This tier is where we're placing the characters that are easy to learn but perhaps not the ultimate stats-wise. Starting with Lunaria, Begius’ daughter and currently the only magic user in the game - technically speaking - Lunaria’s abilities mix up what has up until now in the game's roster been a fairly consistent style of play between ranged and melee.

Possessing similar debuff abilities to Shash, Zescol is a melee character that offers good stats and the ability to capitalise on debuffs. Since most enemies close the gap quite quickly, she’s a good pick if you want to bring their stats down but not try to keep at a distance as you would with Shash.

Popodero meanwhile is the biggest character in the game - he’s a great pick if speed isn’t your focus, but instead on damage and durability. However, he doesn’t show up until a bit later unless you roll him on the gacha.

It’s often said that Japanese developers are surprised by the popularity of cool old guy characters in their games. Asobimo seems aware of this, as Begius is one of the characters you’ll have from almost near the beginning of the game, and his defensive playstyle makes him good for durability and big hits.

B Tier

  • Dino
  • Lucas
  • Cute Easter
  • Chicken Treats

While not bad by any means, characters in B tier are just lackluster to use at the moment, or simply have better versions in other characters. Dino’s focus on the earth element, for example, isn’t exactly a stand-out given that you’ll likely have access to Begius beforehand, and his unique move set does it better. However, as you may have noticed, there aren’t really any lacklustre characters at the moment, but you’ve still got better options.

While Lucas does usually hit a bit higher in some players’ estimations, we found that his move set simply doesn’t measure up to what other characters have available. He’s not a bad pick stats-wise of course, but Rio is easier to learn and other characters have better abilities. He’s nonetheless a solid third pick for your team.

Addendum - SSR Characters

You’ll notice that the character roster essentially doubles when you take into account the SSR versions of characters. Unlike other games, these aren’t just palette swaps, but they entirely switch up a character’s playstyle, including their element. Solid Aqua Shield Begius for example switches his element from earth to water, and offers a surprising way to refresh his playstyle.

You can roll these in the gacha, and if you need to know more about currency uses, you can check out our guide to the currency of Metria here. You'll note that win rates are, naturally, quite low - fortunately, Metria is one of many gacha games now offering pity pulls, offering a guaranteed SSR character after a certain number, which is surprisingly good value with the currently limited roster.

Keep an eye on these, because if you pick one, it may boost - or lower - a character in your estimations. It also offers a reason to play with the game’s gacha system in order to grab these unique versions of the characters.

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