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Pixel Heroes Tales of Emond tier list - Ranking the units in every class

Pixel Heroes Tales of Emond tier list - Ranking the units in every class

We couldn't compare the units otherwise, so we had to rank them according to their class. This tier list will make sure you know who are the best characters.

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Updated on May 15th, 2024 - Version 1.2.5 

With a few hours of gameplay, you can unlock half of all available units in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond. It's not that the summoning feature is highly rewarding but the character roster is limited. Right now, the game only has fifty-odd units, and you’ll need the best of the best to hunt down the Demon King and restore peace to the floating continents of Emond.

To help you find worthy partners for the Executor, we’ve put together this Pixel Heroes Tales of Emond tier list. This list - or lists - separates the strong from the weak so players know exactly which units to focus on.

Before diving into the tier list, here's a quick explanation of how it works.

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond tier list explanation

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond has close to 60 units divided into four classes: Assault, Defense, Support, and Magic. So, instead of making a single tier list, I've created four tier lists for Pixel Heroes; one for every class.

This will help you choose the best unit from every class and fill every battle position with the best unit possible.
Every list has SIX tiers, starting from S+ (strongest) and going down to D (weakest).

Units in the D tier will flood your hero inventory pretty quickly. Don’t invest too heavily in any of those and save your resources for when you finally roll higher-tier units.

With all said and done, let’s kick things off with the Assault units tier list.

Original article by Shah Zaib. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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Assault units tier list

Goddess of War - Valkyrie from Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond
Tier Units
S+ Goddess of War - Valkyrie, Ghostblade - Adley, Succubus - Adlith Morrigan
S Goddess of Death - Hela, Shroud Walker - Chen, Iron Fist - Ryu-Lin, Dragonborn - Mona, Eternal Spear - Irelia
A Glory Excalibur - Allande, Fuzzy Prowler - Anata, Blast Bunny - Alice, Bounty Hunter - Edha, Green Ranger - Caroline
B Ice Guardian - Ainu, Moonborn - Hudson, Duo Lancer - Minos
C Deadeye - Jelika, Novice Swordsman - Executor, Blacksmith - Vitus, Lionheart - Gur
D Rogue - Lynch, Silver Hunter - Diana, Orc - Jac, Hunter - Aivenk, Merchant - Todd, Slime - Mumu, Archer - Darcy

There are a lot of Assault units in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond. These are your resident damage dealers, focusing entirely on dealing as much damage as possible to enemy units. But, they have secondary skills too. And those skills have had a huge say in deciding the final rankings for all these units.
Before Ghostblade - Adley got added to the game, Goddes of War - Valkyrie was the best Assault unit in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond.

However, that title is now shared by Adley and Valkyrie. Adley has the highest attack in the game while Valkyrie can deal massive amounts of damage with her armor-break combo.

Succubus - Adilth Morrigan is here due to her sub-stat. Her Demonic Whip skill can reduce enemy healing and inflict bleeding too.

Apart from these three, Goddess of Death - Hela is the only Assault unit with 6k+ base damage. But her skills aren’t as impressive as the units in the S+ tier. That’s why she ends up in the S-tier. For other S-tier units, it’s the opposite. They have less than 6k base attack however their skill buffs (and debuffs) are impactful, especially the healing skills of Eternal Spear - Irelia and the Asura summoning of Shroud Walker - Chen.
Come down to the A-tier and see the units that’ll get you through the game's early stages. Fuzzy Prowler - Anata especially is someone you might roll early on. Don’t hesitate to invest in her. Her Def Decrease buff can be handy early on and her 5495 base attack isn’t too shabby either.

Blast Bunny and Glory Excalibur also have decent crowd-control skills and perform exceptionally well early on. Bounty Hunter - Edha has only three skills, but they can inflict Burning and cause DEF Decrease. So, she won’t be the worst inclusion in your party.

Don’t let the in-game 5-star rating of Ice Guardian - Ainu fool you. Her base attack barely crosses 4500 and her base defense is 602. She might deal some decent damage but she won’t be doing that for long.

Both Moonborn - Hudson and Duo Lancer - Minos are decent assaulters too.

Deadeye - Jelika and Novice Swordsman - Executor are the two that’ll get you started and these are the last decent Assault units in the game. Gur and Vitus are severely one-dimensional. You’ll only get decent performance if you surround them with the right partners.
Every unit in the D-tier has a 100 Level Cap. At max, most of them will deal approximately 3k base damage. Don’t invest a single penny into any of these units.

Defense units tier list

Dawn Paladin - Brigitte
Tier Units
S+ Dawn Paladin - Brigitte
S King of Uruk - Gil, God of Death - Thanatos
A Barbarian - Puck, Divine Hammer - Frostie
B Ent - Garret
C -
D Federal Leader - Tver, Relic Guardian - Golem

There are just 8 Tanks in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond. One stands out with the highest base DEF while the other FIVE are decent options too. You can go with any Defense unit as long as you avoid the two D-tier tanks, Federal Leader - Tver and Relic Garden - Golem with high base DEF.

Dawn Paladin - Brigitte is the best Defense unit in the game, hands down. She has the highest base defense - 927 - and can further summon a Shield to absorb an additional 10% damage. In case you can’t roll her, there’s no shortage of decent alternatives. King of Uruk - Gil is the second-best defense unit in the game with her higher attack stats and 5x stackable DEF increase skill. God of Death - Thanatos also has similar stats but his skills aren’t as potent as King of Uruk - Gil.

Both A-tier units, Barbarian - Puck and Divine Hammer - Frostier are mixed units. Puck is primarily a tank but has decent attack and counterattack abilities. Frostie, on the other hand, is a buffer and de-buffer. She can cause an Armor Break that decreases the enemy’s defense by 30% for 2 turns. A highly useful skill if you have the right teammates around her to leverage this de-buff.

Ent - Garret is your last choice for a decent tank. He can also cause Armor Break and makes up for slightly lower DEF stats by inflicting Dizziness(unable to act) on an enemy for 1 turn.

Support units tier list

Lady of Justice - Themis unit in Pixel Heroes
Tier Units
S+ Lady Justice - Themis, Star Guardian - Freyja
S Psychopomp - Charon
A Forest Princess - Elena, Wind Whisper - Royelle, Siren - Syndra, Acolyte - Raphaela
B Shaman - Abka, Bard - William
C Novice Magician - Lilith
D -

Much like the tanks, there are very few “bad” support units in the game. Out of the 10 available, only one is a “bad” support unit in my opinion and that’s Novice Magician - Lilith: the only 3-star support unit. Still, she can recover up to 219% of the HP of the weakest ally with her most basic skill, making her a decent choice for beginners.

Keep climbing up the tiers and you’ll get better buffs/de-buffs from your support units. Bard and Shaman both can also recover HP but they come with added buffs. Bard - William can increase the attack of two of his allies and inflict Continuous Recovery. Shaman - Abka, on the other hand, has a damage reduction de-buff.

Looking at the base stats alone, Star Guardian - Freyja looks like the best support unit in the game. However, Lady Justice - Themis is the true support pinnacle. With FIVE buffs/de-buffs triggered with her skills, her combat output far exceeds that of Psychopomp - Charon and Star Guardian - Freyja.

Magic units tier list

God of Time - Cronos unit ranking in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond
Tier Units
S+ God of Time - Cronos, Toxicologist - Theresa, Geminis - Leela & Sariel, Wings of Wish - White Star
S Camarilla Bloodline - Toreador, Stellar Master - Alkaid, Phoenix - Garuda
A Sleepwalker - Sicinina, Floriya - Melissa, Spirit Prophet - Zorshan, Snowflakes - Annelia, Divine Dancer - Gronru
B Lost Torrent - Yuna
C -
D Blizzard - Thrail, Elf Queen - Sophia

There are 15 mages in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond and all of them are ranged attackers and act as secondary support units too. Take God of Time - Cronos as an example. His base attack is the highest base attack in the whole game, including Assault units. On top of that, he inflicts high amounts of magic damage that can decrease enemy damage and slow them down. All this makes him one of the best heroes in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond.

Similarly, Wings of Wish - White Star also has a 7k+ base attack and an even longer list of ally buffs and enemy debuffs. Theresa and Toreador might not seem like S+ tier units but they catch up when you level them up.

The FOUR S-tier units are your next best options. These can outshine the S+ tier units with the right strategies and team build, especially Camarilla Bloodline - Toreador.
A-tier is full of boring mages that do well in combat but lack the wizardry flair. I don’t love any of them. Sleepwalker - Sicinina will summon a sheep as her ultimate move.

Spirit Prophet - Zorshan and Floriya - Melissa are the best units in this lot.
Lost Torrent - Yuna is the last decent mage with her 5k+ base attack and her slow de-buff. The less said about the two elves in tier D, the better.

And that’s all for our Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond tier lists. To keep up with the meta, which is looking quite stable at the moment, we’ll regularly update this tier list. So, as and when new units get added to the game, be sure to check back. Read our Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond tips to boost your chances of success.

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Shah Zaib
Shah Zaib
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