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Top 10 best Roblox FPS games

Top 10 best Roblox FPS games

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Are you looking for the best Roblox FPS games? Since the appearance of Roblox in the gaming world, it has managed to surprise gamers with its variety. In fact, this is a full-fledged platform that allows you to create your own games without any problems. The peculiarity of this platform is that any user can create his or her own game and earn some Robux if the game becomes popular. And for this, no programming skills are necessary.

At the same time, shooters have become the most popular genre among Roblox game designers, of which there are hundreds in Roblox. Ever since the launch of the Roblox multiplayer platform, shooters have been especially popular on it, among which there are curious clones of hits like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. The fact is that in most cases with FPS games, grinding is not required in order to start having fun. All you need to do is to launch the game and start playing, improving your skills every round. That's the reason why FPS games on Roblox are so popular. For similar articles, take a look at the best-looking Roblox games and the scariest games that will make your hair curl.

The list of best Roblox FPS games 

We decided to delve into this variety of homemade shooting games and highlight the best ones for you. Who knows? Maybe some of them will replace such giants of the genre as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. Below are the best FPS games in Roblox, from zombie shooting simulators to competitive shooters where grinding does not affect the gameplay in any way, but only helps to unlock new weapon skins and other cosmetic improvements. The list even includes a few new products released in 2022. Scroll the list to start!

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Energy Assault

Our list of best Roblox FPS games opens with a solid analog of Call of Duty, which game developers managed to make based on Roblox. Energy Assault is a dynamic first-person shooter in a futuristic setting of CoD. Energy Assault largely copies the ideas of Activision, but at the same time, it can also pleasantly surprise gamers with its diversity. Users of the shooter note that the developers managed to recreate the most popular maps from Call of Duty, like Carentan, and did it really well. It is also worth noting that Energy Assault is considered almost the most spectacular shooter based on Roblox, and this is confirmed from the very first minutes of the game.

You can play and have fun in this Roblox FPS for dozens of hours because it has a rank system. For killing and winning matches, the player constantly receives points and, as a result, can become the most dangerous shooter on the server. It is thanks to the competitive component that Energy Assault is of interest to gamers no less than the original Call of Duty. Also, here you can earn points for killing and winning matches. These points are then used to purchase cosmetic items, weapon skins, and other small items.

Be sure to try this shooter, at least to compare it with more advanced projects in this genre. Most likely, you will enjoy it and want to get acquainted with even more shooting games based on Roblox.

S.W.A.T Simulator

Here is one of the few FPS projects based on Roblox, which is made really soundly, but at the same time could not acquire much popularity among the players. For some unknown reason, the commando simulator is not particularly interesting for the average gamer, but we highly recommend trying S.W.A.T Simulator to everyone.

There are two modes in this project: a training ground, where you can conduct a test assault on a building, and a real operation, where you have to show everything you have learned. S.W.A.T Simulator offers a lot of interesting mechanics and the shooter component is well-developed here. You are guaranteed to feel like a real S.W.A.T fighter and have a lot of fun during the first assault. Here you have the opportunity to get used to the role of a real commando thanks to authentic equipment and weapons.

You can play this project both alone and in a team with friends. We strongly recommend the second option because absolutely all special forces games involve teamwork. Even though S.W.A.T Simulator is just a project based on Roblox, the teamwork here is thought-out and implemented just fine. In general, be sure to check it out - it is good both as a shooter and as a simulator. Moreover, the creators are developing S.W.A.T Simulator continuously - every month, there is only more content here.

Zombie Uprising

At the moment, Zombie Uprising can safely be included in the category of the best zombie shooters based on Roblox. The authors worked on their brainchild for several years and eventually managed to create a cooperative action game in which the team of players will have to endlessly fight off waves of bloodthirsty zombies. At first glance, the idea looks quite banal, but as soon as you start Zombie Uprising and get acquainted with a lot of interesting little things, you will want to shoot angular monsters for hours, forgetting about other games forever.

It is also worth noting that the latest Zombie Uprising updates have brought a bunch of new weapons and various improvements to the project. Right now, in the game, you can create a fighter with a unique arsenal that will deal with dozens of the living dead without any problems. Also in August last year, Zombie Uprising launched a large-scale event that lasted a whole month and attracted a huge audience. During this period, the game introduced a ton of new weapons and upgrades for them, as well as a new map, unique character skins, and much more.

At the same time, the developers are constantly updating the maps so that Zombie Uprising does not become boring and offers fun from the process on an ongoing basis. It’s also a very popular co-op FPS game based on Roblox, so everyone should get acquainted with it without exception. Play solo or team up with friends to take on endless waves of zombies. Earn in-game currency by completing various achievements and unlocking new skins for weapons and characters. Not only is it one of the best Roblox FPS games, but it was also included in the list of best Roblox zombie games, which tells you a lot about it.


There are so many clones of well-known shooters in Roblox, and perhaps one of the largest is the project called Polybattle, which copies the legendary Battlefield. The scale of this creation is really huge. The authors created maps of impressive sizes and allowed players not only to shoot on foot but also to use a variety of military vehicles. There are many types of tanks, trucks, and other means of transportation in Polybattle. At the same time, several classes will also be available to you, so that everyone can take their place in the team and benefit from the battlefield.

The latest version of Polybattle was released in 2020, but to this day, the authors still release small updates. Each of them replenishes the project with new weapons, equipment, and maps.

According to most Roblox fans, this shooter is considered the biggest creation because it includes a lot of content. So if you like Battlefield and want to play something similar in Roblox, then the choice is obvious. We are sure that the authors of Polybattle will not stop there, and soon, we will see even more cool content.


When talking about really popular FPS games in Roblox, it's hard to ignore a project called Arsenal. At one time, its authors borrowed the idea of the Gun Game mod for Counter-Strike, in which a player was forced to kill the enemy each time with a new weapon and thus gradually get to the very last one. In the case of Arsenal, this is a golden knife, for which you will need to kill 32 opponents.

Everyone should definitely try Arsenal because it is one of the most dynamic shooters based on Roblox. The authors did their best to correctly select weapons for each kill - they also came up with maps on which you can arrange a real fun fighting sesh. It would seem that Roblox graphics can hardly be suitable for a copy of Counter-Strike Global Office, and indeed it is hard to imagine. But do not rush to conclusions - the developer managed to do it. They reduced the colour gamut and the brightness of the environment, and the game is ready!

At the same time, players also note high-quality sound effects. Some of them were even taken from Team Fortress 2 and cleverly adapted to Arsenal gameplay. In general, you should definitely play this shooter and enjoy the gameplay. At the moment, Arsenal has already been tried by more than 2 million people, and this is far from the final figure. If you are eager to try it, feel free to use the Arsenal codes that we are featuring.

BIG! paint ball

During the entire existence of Roblox, many popular shooters have appeared in it, but since 2019, BIG has remained in first place! Paintball is the best one and it looks like no one will be able to remove it from the top in the near future. This project was visited by more than 3 million people, and about 4 million added it to Favorites. The game attracts attention with a diverse arsenal, addictive gameplay, and a lot of maps.

The gameplay here was borrowed from Call of Duty, and there is even a kill streak mechanic, which makes it possible to drop a bomb on the opponents' heads after achieving several kills. Also, there are various ways to eliminate the enemy team! There is a huge number of Paintballs, and with each update, the project becomes more interesting and larger. Also, each weapon has its own characteristics, so it is recommended to open and try each one.

At the same time, up to 18 people take part in each game session, which makes the local shootouts as interesting as possible. Definitely give it a try. Paintball has a lot of fans - the project has received absolutely well-deserved recognition from the players.

Phantom Forces

Perhaps, it is Phantom Forces that can be called one of the most successful first-person shooters based on Roblox. The fact is that this project has remained relevant and has been continuously developing since 2015. The creators are constantly engaged in its support and they manage to surprise the players with literally every update. The main feature of Phantom Forces is that the authors were able to make excellent physics. This includes not only the movement but also the flight of a bullet. As a result, you simply won’t find any other shooter in Roblox that would be so realistic.

In addition, it is worth noting the impressive number of available modes. Phantom Forces has both the classic Deathmatch, as well as Capture the Flag, Capture Control Points, and even King of the Hill.

The creators assure players that they will continue to expand the capabilities of their game in the future. It is Phantom Forces that proves that this sandbox has a huge potential and with its help, you can create almost anything.

Combat Warriors

Next up is the latest shooter that Roblox fans started making back in 2018. However, in 2022, a massive update came out for Combat Warriors, which completely changed the project and added a lot of fresh content to it.

The gameplay here is based on the fact that each player appears on the map with a police baton. The task is to kill as many opponents as possible in order to earn special points and use them to unlock new weapons. As a result, each game session in Combat Warriors turns into real madness, where everyone will try to kill you and scramble to get cool firearms as quickly as possible.

As for the available arsenal, its size, in fact, has become the main feature of Combat Warriors. There are a lot of different types of weapons here: from those same police batons to sniper rifles. At the same time, the creators are trying to constantly add something new so that the players do not get bored and fight with even more enthusiasm. It is not known what will happen to Combat Warriors in the future, but the creators of this shooter proved that, if desired, anything can be created based on Roblox. So be sure to try it - this project is rapidly gaining popularity on the network.

Counter Blox: Remastered

In fact, this is a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made on the Roblox engine. It differs from the original game only in its visual style, while the gameplay remains the same. You have to take part in 5v5 matches on maps from the Counter-Strike series, where the legendary Dust 2 is also present.

The map was released in 2014 and has undergone many changes since then. The first version was underdeveloped: there were problems with textures, a small selection of weapons, etc. To fix all the bugs, the developers worked for a whole year, and after that, they released an updated version. The map is constantly receiving patches of updates, so players and fans only need to keep an eye out for them.

Each round begins with the purchase of weapons, and the amount of money available depends on whose team won in the previous round and how many kills each player has. You can use in-game currency to purchase loot boxes with rare gadgets and various weapon cosmetic upgrades.

Bad Business

Bad Business is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you and other players must make kills while discovering new weapons, arenas, and skins along the way. This game is very much like Phantom Forces but with a few changes and improvements.

In order to play comfortably and feel confident, you will definitely need to customize the controls for yourself. We advise you to pay special attention to changing the scope and sensitivity. Sensitivity is one of the most important settings for a successful game. There are as many as three varieties of them in the settings (simple, in the scope, and for sniper rifles). Change the settings until the controls become familiar and responsive to you.

Skins in the game are opened for different types of kills. In addition to the appearance, they do not provide any bonuses, so saving up for them is worth it only when you have already decided on your type of weapon. You can use some of the Bad Business codes that we are featuring if the title seems interesting and you'd like to try it. It will give you a nice starting edge.


Roblox is so diverse that absolutely any game design idea can be turned into reality with its help. We hope that with our list, you will want to evaluate the best Roblox FPS games and maybe even try to create something of your own.

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