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Top 10 scariest Roblox games

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Top 10 scariest Roblox games

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Roblox is a platform known for its massive amount of multiplayer games! There are games there from every genre, created by a variety of different developers and studios. Horror is often jump scares, scary creatures, and lots of trying not to get murdered! In Roblox, you can play along with your friends or some strangers you have just met, so at least you are not taking on the entire scare on your own!

What even is a horror game though? A horror game is something scary or creepy. Often, a game that would make you jump or feel like you are at the edge of your seat, waiting for something bad to happen. It's a genre of games for people who like to feel on edge and be scared! Scary games and horror games on Roblox don't contain gore or graphic bodily harm and are more child friendly than other games can contain.

While there are plenty of different horror games on the platform - enough for a category specifically for it - we are going to be looking at the top 10 scariest Roblox games that you can enter and play right now! All of these games are free to play, have tons of active players, and are still kept up to date by the developers who have created them. Let’s get into the list of the top 10 scariest Roblox games so that you can dive into some horrifying games, with characters that look like they are from Lego.

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Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 takes clear inspiration from games like Among Us and Werewolf. In it, team members get split into one of three categories randomly; Innocents, Sheriff and Murderer. The Innocents are just looking to run and hide, as well as figure out who the murderer is and tell the sheriff. The sheriff is the protector, and the only one with a weapon that can defeat the murderer, so if you end up with this role, there will be a lot of weight on your shoulders! The murderer is, as you may have guessed, the baddie who is looking to kill everyone else on the map. Each round is often short, but it’s a pretty fun horror game, as you wait for the murderer to appear around the corner.


Piggy is one of those games that if you have any experience with Roblox, you’ve probably heard about it. There are various different modes in Piggy - from Zombie versions of it to versions of the game that contain bots to bulk out the map, as well as several different locations for the game to take place. In each version, you are looking to run and hide away from Piggy, a weird pig creature, and escape whatever location you are in. Various tools can be found around the map, which will then unlock more of the area. You can work together with your friends or go at it alone, but you will spend a lot of time running and hiding.


Now, the theme around 3008 is going to sound more funny than scary, however, once you jump into the game you will find that the creepy, surreal atmosphere will have you crawling in your skin. In this game, you are inside of an infinite IKEA, lost among all of the furniture and stuff. You are tasked with building a base so that you can keep your needs up and survive against the employees of IKEA, who seem to have been turned evil while stuck working in this never-ending store. Your needs will need to be watched and met, and the mood of the game feels very creepy and strange…

Survive the Killer!

Survive the Killer is a similar style game to Murder Mystery 2, however, there are only two roles in this game. You can either be set as the Survivor or Killer when you join the game. The Survivors need to hide, save each other and work towards escaping whatever town or building you are currently placed into. The killer, on the other hand, is tasked with killing everyone they can, before the timer runs out. When you are hit by the killer, you will actually go down and hit the floor, with a creepy jump scare appearing, before you slowly bleed out unless someone helps you. It’s quite scary.

Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility is another running and escaping game, where one person plays as a beast, who has been released inside whatever factory you are currently all in. All of you need to quickly find out how to unlock the various monitors and escape the facility. This is done by finding computer monitors and spending a large length of time at them, while the beast is alerted to where you are. It’s a challenge, and the beast can find you and pull you forward, bringing a lot of scare and terror to your soul as you are a sitting duck, trying to help your friends escape. Often there are a few sacrifices in this game, for the greater good of the team.

Escape Running Head

If you think doll heads are scary, you should try Escape Running Head. This game is essentially a giant maze, with various parkour aspects, that has giant doll-like heads floating around, following you and hoping to kill you. Right before you die, you get a good jump scare of their face, just because they can. It’s a really challenging game that gets more difficult as you get deeper into the maze. Though the concept is simple, it can totally give you a scare.


Spider is a creepy exploration game where you enter a server filled with strange, deformed spiders. They might look like animals you like, but they are not. One player will be randomly selected to be this bloodthirsty spider, while the rest will become players, running from them. The spider is looking to eat and attack everyone they can, while the humans are looking to survive for as long as the timer ticks down, exploring the house and listening to the spider's strange screams as they try to find the best places to hide. Humans are a bit faster than spiders, but spiders can crawl around everywhere - so keep that in mind.

Squid Game

I am sure you have heard of the TV series Squid Game earlier this year. Following this horror-filled TV show, Squid Game the game has two different seasons currently in it. One that follows the classic mini-games from the TV series and the other that has higher steaks and more challenging games for you to take on. Once you get into the game itself, you will find yourself looking to try and survive, coming to many different games and watching your friends die in front of you. It’s strange, the guards are lifeless and don’t care about you, and everything seems to be having a shocking and scary time.


When it comes to teddy bears and daycare, you might think that it’s a soft and fun game that is full of smiling children and giggling. However, Teddy actually has you being attacked by a giant teddy bear, who seems to have gone bloodthirsty. Moving around a massive daycare, you will need to find keys and look for places to hide, as the bodies of your dead friends litter the floor, and they are attacked by this monstrous teddy bear. It’s a creepy game that has such a cute setting, that it’s unsettling.

Infectious Smile

Infectious Smile is a game that is said to be about finding true happiness, through sadness and struggle. There are two roles within the game; the smiles that are trying to infect people so that they are no longer human and the humans who are looking to destroy the smiles before they take them over. There are a number of different weapons that can be used in the game, as you hunt those who have a strange version of happiness or attempt to spread your own, undeniable happiness to others.

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