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Fruit Battlegrounds fruits tier list - Every succulent piece of fruit ranked

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Fruit Battlegrounds fruits tier list - Every succulent piece of fruit ranked

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  • With all the different types obtainable in the game, picking the best fruits is difficult.
  • At the very top of the Fruit Battlegrounds tier list, you'll find only Mythical fruits, which is not surprising considering how hard they are to obtain.
Updated on February 5th, 2024

P O P O has shaken up the Fruits Battlegrounds meta with the Magma + IceV2 update. 2 more Legendary fruits have been added to Fruit Battlegrounds. They aren’t new fruits, but they will definitely impact the gameplay and player strategies. So, the new meta calls for an updated tier list.

Fruit Battlegrounds fruits tier list will rank all the fruits using SIX tiers: SS, S, A, B, C, and D. Tier SS is all about the OP fruits. Luckily, there are not too many of those. On the contrary, Tier S and A are full of powerful fruits that can give the OP fruits a good run for their money. B tier has the average fruits. These just slack behind in certain aspects, but they can take the reins in some scenarios. At the end are tiers C and D. While the fruits in the C tier are not bad, they aren’t the best either. Beginners have to make do with these at the start. However, they are not worth hanging on to for too long. The same goes for tier D fruits. Once you have enough gems to buy better fruits, get rid of the C and D-tier fruits ASAP.

And as if on cue, we have already listed all the Fruit Battleground gift codes in one place. Redeem these to get your hands on some gems for free. Now, let’s get on with the fruits tier list.

Original article by Shah Zaib, updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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SS Tier

  • Nika
  • Dragon V2
  • Venom

It should come as no surprise that the top of the tier list is full of Mythical fruits, and Mythical fruits are hard to come by. But once you get any of these Fruits, hang on to them. All three are massive damage dealers and perform great in every game mode.

Nika, for instance, deals massive damage, has great AoE, does burn damage, and even stuns the enemies in place. On top of all that, some of the skills can break enemy shields as well. Also known as the Sun God, Nika is the strongest fruit in the game right now.

However, Dragon V2 might have taken over as the strongest if it wasn’t for the recent and much-needed nerf. Still, the quick recharge, special weapon combos, and easy spam-ability make it a dangerous fruit to fight against. And in the right hands, it can blow Nika users out of the water.

One Piece fans saw the Venom fruit in action during the Marineford arc. It was one of the deadliest fruits in the anime that nearly killed Luffy, and it’s not too different in Fruit Battlegrounds. Venom has good damage, some block-shattering moves, and a decent stun to keep the enemies down.

S Tier

  • IceV2
  • MagmaV2
  • Ope-Ope
  • Lightning
  • Leopard
  • Dough

Much like the SS tier, the S tier is also reigned by Mythical fruits. But the TWO new Legendary entrants are worth highlighting, too. If you are tired of waiting for your Ice fruit to awaken, roll and pray you get IceV2.

IceV2 is the awakened form of Ice and “unleashes the true potential of the inner Ice abilities.” Every IceV2 move freezes the enemies and opens up a combo window. Despite a smaller move set, IceV2 makes it to the S tier because of its ease of use and all-around performance in every game mode.

Aside from the obvious difference in powers, MagmaV2 is not all that different from IceV2. MagmaV2 also has a 5-skill moveset. It’s also the awakened form of an older fruit (Magma). And MagmaV2 performs equally well in Bounty Hunting as well as PvP battles. While these two new entries might seem lacklustre due to their smaller move set, they have their perks, making them a worthy challenger to some Mythical fruits.

Although in the same tier, Ope-Ope is far more powerful than IceV2 and MagmaV2. In fact, it might just be the strongest fruit in the S tier. The only reason it doesn’t make the SS tier in my list is because of the limited range and the fact that certain moves are dependent on Room.

Lightning has no such problems, though. It has SEVEN skills. All of these have crazy stuns, making them easy to chain together and create combos. The only thing keeping Lightning from becoming a top-tier fruit is its high stamina consumption. Every other caveat is manageable. With FOUR base and FIVE transformed skills, you’d think Leopard is a strong fruit, and you’d be right. Most of Leopard’s moves are unblockable. As it transforms players into a leopard, they can dish out some serious amounts of damage, regardless of the game mode. The base form damage isn’t too shabby either. Leopard might just be the most well-balanced fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds right now. The same to Dough, too.

Dough allows players to create and manipulate dough. It might not be cool, but it’s effective and powerful- very easy to create combos, and the damage output is high as well.

A Tier

  • Magma
  • Dragon
  • Flame
  • Quake
  • Magnet

With the MagmaV2 + IceV2 update, the OG Magma became the only Epic fruit with an awakened form. But that doesn’t mean the base form is no good. Used right, some of Magma’s moves can deal high initial damage and very high burn damage as well. Although it slightly struggles against fast enemies, you’ll know what to do once you level it up enough.

With its massive AoE, decent stuns, and great combo potential, Dragon has to be one of the best fruits for boss farming and bounty hunting. The flat learning curve and impressive damage stats make it a treat for beginners.

That said, Dragon does struggle in PvP. Flame, on the other hand, has no such problem. It allows players to generate and manipulate fire and even transform their bodies into fiery flames. Flame has SIX moves, all of which are spam-able, and most of them deal damage per second by burning the enemies.

Quake isn’t as OP in Fruit Battlegrounds as shown in the One Piece anime, but it’s still a decent Legendary fruit that has been in the game from the start. You can pull off almost all of Whitebeard’s moves with the Quake fruit including causing a tsunami. Only if its moves dealt more serious damage, though.

Magnet is based on Eustass Kid’s devil fruit called the Jiki Jiki no mi. This allows players to generate magnetic forces and control metals. Most of the moves deal great damage, but at the same time, some of them are easily blockable. Plus, don’t expect to chain together too many combos.

B Tier

  • Darkness
  • Gravity
  • Pheonix
  • TS Rubber
  • Paw
  • String
  • Light
  • Falcon
  • Ice-Ice

If four out of its six moves weren't blockable and it offered a bit more mobility, Darkness would have been in a higher tier. Kurozo is an OP move, but it is blockable too. That said, Darkness can pretty much suppress every other fruit. And once you unlock all its moves, you will have enough mastery over it to do so.

While creating this tier list, even I was surprised by the number of Legendary elements that ended up in tier B, but it is what it is. Either through nerfing or other fruits getting insane buffs, fruits like TS Rubber, Gravity, and Phoenix have fallen behind. They are not the worst options but no longer worth building upon. Icks like long cooldowns, easy dodges, and lesser damage have reduced them to mere gem farmers. Just as there are some underperforming fruits, some are punching above their weight.

Epic fruits like Paw and String are great all-rounders with good damage dealing and decent range. Plus, they do well in every game mode. The same goes for Light, one of the fastest fruits in the game. If it wasn’t for the weakness against airborne enemies, Light would easily be in tier A.

Falcon is surprisingly good for an Uncommon fruit, hence tier B. It has decent combo potential, flight is quick, and most attacks have multiple hit points. It's also super easy to get. There aren’t many better fruits to get started with in Fruit Battlegrounds than Falcon.

Similarly, Ice is also a beginner-friendly fruit that’s easy to level up and deals above-average damage too. A limited skillset and poor performance against airborne enemies dents Ice’s reputation.

C Tier

  • Bomb
  • Smoke
  • Gas

Using Bomb, players get the ability to generate explosions at will. While it sounds devastating, the destructive prowess is average, to say the least. All FOUR of its moves deal with AoE.

But since most of these are charge moves, you’ll feel sluggish and always open to enemy attacks. Smoke and Gas are Uncommon fruits that are equally bad, especially Smoke. Every move of Smoke will stun the user instead of stunning the enemy. Gas does have high-damage dealing, but the stamina drain is crazy. Plus, it’s one of the slowest fruits in the game. Not good for PvP at all.

D Tier

  • Rubber
  • Barrier
  • Chop
  • Sand
Rubber is the main character’s Devil Fruit in One Piece, but it’s one of the worst fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds. Its move set consists of all of Luffy’s basic moves, like Bazooka and Pistol. However, they are not nearly as devastating as in the anime. The only decent move of Rubber is the Gear 2 transformation which depletes stamina in no time.

The other three fruits in tier C - Barrier, Chop, and Sand - are Common fruits. Sub-par damage, blockable moves, end lag- these moves have more weaknesses than strengths. The Chop fruit is fun though. Flying around in pieces looks as good as it does in the anime.

And that’s our Fruit Battlegrounds fruit tier list. As the devs introduce new fruits or better versions of the current ones, this tier list will get updated accordingly.

We also have a Blox Fruits tier list. Although the fruits are similar, the power meta is completely different in that game. So, if Fruit Battlegrounds is starting to feel boring, check out Blox Fruits, or Haze Piece fruit tier list that's quite fresh.

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