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Pokemon GO Kyogre best moveset

Pokemon GO Kyogre best moveset

Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon that can only be obtained through raids in Pokemon Go. Recently seen all over the world, Kyogre can be a really strong Pokemon when fighting against gyms, Team Go Rocket and other players. With that said, Legendary Pokemon cannot be placed in gyms, so you do not need to optimize your Kyogre to stay for lengths of time in gyms, as they won’t be allowed in. When it comes to optimizing your Kyogre’s moveset, so that they are able to fight better, that’s something we can do!


Kyogre’s strengths and weaknesses are quite simple. They are vulnerable to Grass and Electric, both to be expected when you look at this giant whale, dealing 160% more damage. They are then resistant to Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice, dealing 63% damage. Kyogre cannot be evolved in Pokemon Go but has a high Max CP of 4,115, which you can reach as long as you are at a high enough level.

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When it comes to Pokemon to fight against Kyogre, the top five strongest Pokemon are Xurkitree, Thundurus, Zekrom, Deoxys and Zacian - in case you are trying to fight one in the most efficient way.


When it comes to individual moves for Kyogre, it’s the same moveset whether you’d like to be an offensive or defensive player. You will be strongest with Waterfall at 16 DPS and Hydro Pump at 47.3 DPS. This will give you the highest total DPS and is the best moveset when it comes to PVP battles against Team Rocket or Other Players.

It’s always fun to collect legendary Pokemon, and ensuring that they are the best for battles can really make them a key member of your fighting team.