Everything you need to win in Brawl Stars

Hey now, you're a Brawl Star...

Everything you need to win in Brawl Stars
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Brawl Stars from Supercell, the developer behind the awesome Clash Royale and the also awesome Clash of Clans, is finally out worldwide, following a loooooong period of silence. And we've got everything you need to win in the MOBA-shooter mash-up right here.

There were some of us at Pocket Gamer who wondered whether the game was ever going to come out, but those fears have been laid to rest, and you can pull out your mobile phone or tablet right now and get downloading.

The MOBA hybrid is pretty fun, and while it might not have the meat of Clash Royale, there's plenty of enjoyment to be sucked out of it. Obviously though, you're going to enjoy it more if you're at the top of the leaderboard rather than scrabbling around at the bottom.

With than in mind, we've got some Brawl Stars guides and other content to help you through the battles ahead.

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