Brawl Stars debuts celebratory International Women's Day event

Brawl Stars debuts celebratory International Women's Day event
  • The event will commemorate International Women's Day
  • You'll get special rewards for playing using female Brawlers
  • Meanwhile there are community unlocks and events to vie for

Supercell's hit game Brawl Stars is set to introduce a new update recognising International Women's Day, "Brawl like a girl". The company has also pledged to make a $150k donation to three leading non-profit organisations focusing on humanitarian assistance and education for women around the globe. The event will run from March 11th and encourage players to perform Takedowns using women Brawlers, progressing towards community milestones that will unlock special rewards and sub-events.

When the event concludes, ten players will also receive access to all women Brawlers currently in-game, adding another incentive to get in and start hitting the community goals. It's another sign of just how hard Supercell continues to push Brawl Stars, which has been one of their most successful games since the release of the hit title Clash of Clans. Most recently they also announced a major partnership with ESL Faceit Group to officially manage esports competitions for the games.

Brawl for women

Given the importance of community management to Brawl Stars it's rather heartening to see Supercell have such faith in their playerbase. But even if political activism isn't their bag, the rewards and sub-events being unlocked can help too, and it's something a bit more interactive than the typical commemorative cosmetics seen in other games. And it's always nice to see developers showing their support for charities and putting some of their cash towards them.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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